Samstag, 29. September 2012

I'm still here {autumn's knocking on the door}

The past week has been a bit quiet (which is due to me being a bit of a mess). I had some tough things going on, things which put me down  and made me sad and things that took me off balance. But it's getting better now so you'll get updates soon ;)

Waiting at the bus stop...
shoes and jumper ♥
all those little in-between-streets...last meters before home....
Vancouver has changed over the last two weeks. Autumn walked in and waved its goodbyes to summer (It smells like autumn now every morning!) I love it. The mixture of wet earth, changing leaves, fresh air, a bit sea, a bit mountains, a bit of gray sky and this crisp feeling which you only get in autumn. It also means wearing more jumpers and sweaters and less T-shirts but I'm fine with that (especially since I bought myself a wonderfully over sized fluffy jumper last Friday!)

walking a little longer...
if it isn't red or orange or's green ;)
did I ever mention that I have something for old and rusty cars...?!
School is still fun, our Starbucks (or for a change: Blenz (one of the thousand brands of Canadian coffee shops)) visits increase and I'm probably drinking too much coffee (since people just have to hear my name and immediately think of coffee) but I think this also just fits perfectly with Vancouver and autumn. 

Tomorrow I'll be up early, renting a car with a friend of mine and discovering Canada another way. Post on Monday ;)
So I wish everyone a nice, relaxing and rain free weekend ;)

and because another weeks passed (again) my weekly instagram addiction
nails (though they change often...), Pizza hut Pizza for the first time in my life!, good morning sun and mountains and endless blue sky, Mexican on Tuesday, cheesecake on Thursday, new nails and pen drawings, brownies for someones addiction (not mine (this time)!), calendar, sun on my feet...enjoy it as long as you can!

Oh! And I totally forgot the best!!!
    ~                                     a                                         ~
I love my host family! :)

A desk for Jo ♥


  1. Hmm, lecker, Kuchen!
    Ich mag deine Bilder, sind nicht so gestellt :)

    1. Der Kuchen war wirklich umwerfend! :D und danke für das kommentar über meine Bilder ;) Ich hab mich wirklich gefreut :)
      Ganz liebe Grüße Jo :)

  2. oh, cool, eine canada tour! Ich freu mich auf die Bilder und viel Spaß euch! :) lg, Johanna