Montag, 30. Januar 2012

A Day...

...a small piece of art.

At least this is my plan.

My cat is sleeping in my arms again. (Now I totally get why this 10 finger tipping was invented. He or she must have had a cat sleeping in his/her arms...therefore he/she was not able to move an inch....therefore the need to use all of your ten fingers!)

Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Photo ABC

I did a Photo ABC with my smaller ones while having an especially long stay and three kids who wanted to be entertained. The idea is not new. But I liked it. And I was surprised with what they came up.

N - Neck
T - Tongue
L - Leek 
C - Camera
R - Racing Car

I also think they choose some really cool angles.

This is the majority of my time.
- the youngest showing his piano skills (he's pretty good!)
- pretending to be a spy, fighting to reach secret targets. 
On a side note: This action was awesome. Can you see the sellotape? Well, the whole room was covered in it. We taped it to the ceiling, floors, doors, cupboards, beds...everywhere. Idea: Try to pass our Laser-Field :)
- cute little feet's
- this is my self made Lego-sewing machine.You have to be jealous!
- Charly
- Lego Body parts. Neatly arranged.
- Isn't this small Lego guy awesome. I put the other figure there just to give a comparison. It's normal seized!

My cat is sitting sleeping on my lap. Peaceful place it is.

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012


I'm starting to be totally frantic busy considering the amount of stuff I have to know in 7 weeks. 7!!!
I do have some posts in my head but they will just have to wait a little bit. 
So instead something short and also something to amuse you :)

Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Green Stuff

So after I reread my post from yesterday I decided that those random post are horrible. I'll try from now on to post with a real topic/theme :)

So my theme today is green stuff, little trees, flowers...well everything that grows and is declared as a plant.
I do not have a green thumb. The only thing my thumb does is turn something green and refreshing into something dry and brown. It is sad even more because my mom does know a lot about plans (as well as my grandpa!). So it's not as if I wouldn't have enough inspiration or information. It just does not work :(

So because I still love everything that is crisp and green, I came up with an idea this summer. It's still working and I love it. 

Directions for someone who kills plants unintended but still longs for their appearance:

- look out for plants you like
- take photos of them in "eye-level-sight" (or just a little bit above)
- print those photos any size (big is better) you want/need. You don't have to make pretty pictures (like with surrounding and background) It's all about the plant itself
- Cut out your plants (this is why you don't need your background)

Now you need a place were you can draw easily. I used the back of my rack. It's standing with its back to my bed. So I also had to cover/decorate an ugly surface.

From now on your creativity is asked. I choose the bench from our garden (picture as template) but any table, chair, bench, shelf etc. would do.
Apply it to your surface (I made a pencil "sketch" I like the fact that it blends in with its background but somehow still stands out. But again: Anything will work (for example: My first Idea was to print out the bench as well...I did not think of its size though))

At the end: glue your plants on it.
Tada: Those plants are not destructible. You don't have to water them. And best thing after all: 
They will look pretty the whole year :)

 My plants the way they looked before :)

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

maybe Monday

Wow. Those blog statistics showed an awesome increase of readers after I posted my "12 von 12". It's weird to see that actually someone came along to have a look. Not that I wouldn't like it. I love it :)

Anyway. Back to some other stuff.
As you can see my post does not really have a real topic again. I could also call it awesome weekend. Whatever.
My weekend was awesome. I went shopping with my mum and spend ways to much money. I went to see my "kids" (the ones I'm looking after from time to time). And I love it. I love to play, romp, cuddle, read stories and listen to their stories. 
I don't know if they like it to make a blog-appearance so I'll just show photos of me after the kids (one kid this time) went to bed.

physical help with my homework
finishing my Egypt Diary 
That was Saturday so far. I also discovered a new book worth reading. Actually I spent the whole evening reading it. until 1 am when their parents returned.

We went to see the Phantom of the Opera on Sunday. So it was a cool weekend. 
And as a bonus: Our Christmas cake. I'll share the recipe later but I just had to post this picture. All I can tell: It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s :)

I hope you all had a nice start :)

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday and I had to share this pic. Maybe it's not as amazing for you as it was for me. But have a look:

Those are Kiwis. Little Kiwis. Tiny Kiwis. I couldn't believe it either. And if your cut them through their are an exact double of the big kiwis I'm used to. Weird. I loved them anyway. You can eat them like Grapes.

Oh and I do like my Nail Design :) (Inspiration from Pinterest)

Other topic: The sun is shining for the first time in what feels like years (not counting my Egypt days) and the sky has a wonderful light blue. I'll also have my first official piano lesson. I played for years by myself but it was just time to overstep a certain level. 

I'll leave to clean the mess I left with my crafting time yesterday (heaps of fabric and ribbons all over the floor)...a wonderful weekend to you all.

Update: I did make a photo of those tiny kiwis cut open. And I found it (best part!)

tiny, isn't it :)

12 von 12

Heute mal auf Deutsch. (wegen der späten Stunde und außerdem kenn ich das doch nur so)
Jetzt darf ich das aller erste Mal (!), nachdem ich schon ungezählte Male mir die ganzen anderen 12 von 12 angeschautt habe, mitmachen. 

Das Prinzip ist einfach. 12 Fotos vom Tag. (Die Durchsetzung war weniger einfach wie ich merkte. Wenn man den ganzen Tag Schule hat und dann Nachmittags nichts anderes geplant hat als Basteln) Außerdem habe ich mich entschieden diesmal für die Fotos mein Handy zu nehmen. Igrendwie wirkte das für meinen Tag authentischer (vor allem Schule...)
Hier also meine ersten 12 von 12. (um 10 vor 12 -.-)

Guten Morgen. Und eine Runde kuscheln bitte. Aber bei den Augen...wie könnte man da auch anders ;)

zuerst aber Musik!
Zum Frühstück schnibbel ich schnell ein Obstsalat. Und die heiße Schoki ist die aller Beste seit langem. Kann ich einfach nur weiter empfehlen!

Ein kurzer Besuch beim Beauty-Bucket

Meine To-Do Liste für die Tage

Und ab zur Schule (keine Bange. Normalerweise mache ich beim Fahrradfahren nichts anderes als Fahrradfahren!)


Zu Hause gehts ans große nähen, kombinieren, schnibbeln...das Zimmer verwüsten...

viele viele Rüschchen...

Abends gibts eine verspätet Beschehrung (desswegen das Geschnibbel)...

...super leckere gefüllte (!) Donuts und himmlische Schokoladen Muffins. Dafür lohnt sich auch ein bisschen Hüftgold :D

...und ein Geschenk hat schon glücklich seinen Platz gefunden

Ich wünsche eine ganz angenehme Nacht und einen guten Start in den letzten Tag vor dem Wochenende :) vergessen: Hier der Link zu allen anderen ;) 

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012


School will be finished in five months. One month to wait for my grades. One month of holidays and then...? At the moment (ok more like the last 6 months) I'm thinking to spend some time somewhere else than Germany. 

I first thought about America. It did not work. I thought about New Zealand. It was just not my country. I thought about Canada. And I'm still thinking about it. I also thought about India and I'm still thinking about it. 

I want to go. I want to discover, to learn, to meet people. 
But  sometimes I'm scared. I'm scared to be alone. To meet situations I did not expect. To learn that things, which I thought would mean a lot for me, are not what I really want. 

But on the other side. Isn't it exactly about all this? To handle situations you did not expect. To learn to cope with disappointments, to face your fear?

It is easy to say "I want to face my fear" It's ways harder to do it. 
I already did it. I spent half a year in Australia. When I was 16! Alone! (It did not feel like something big though) I wonder why I changed so much. Why I'm thinking so much about this one decision.

Anyway. I have a deadline. I'll do it this month. (And I'm pretty sure I'll do it. I just didn't have the courage to fill out the papers yet)

Life is about meeting your fears. It's about discovering. 
I will try to remember it when I'm about to fill out the documents. (Hopefully)

Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Holidays/ Egypt

I'm back again. This year, Christmas was celebrated with the whole family (means my parents, their partners and all the kids (including me: 6) persons: 10!)

I never ever had so many presents under one tree before. And a few parcels were still waiting for me at home!

However the rest of my holidays were spent in Egypt. It was awesome. Interesting. New. Confusing. 
I love the atmosphere, the nature the cities. 
On the other side it was rather hard for me to get in contact with the people living there. I don't know if it was for the fact that I'm a young European woman. Maybe it's just that those two cultures don't mix that well. 
But apart of me being slightly nervous and shy (and a little bit annoyed by the constant requests for baksheesh) It was an awesome experience. 

This was a shot out of a shop were my brother bought himself some light shoes (his were to warm)

One of my favourites. It is shot at the market street

Bicycles were everywhere

At our hotel. A pavilion located at the Nil. I loved it

Clouds over the Nil

The view out of the taxi. A Banana field

I can not really give descriptions for all my photos. The atmosphere is unique and I treasure that I had the opportunity to get to know Egypt. 
It was different to all my trips before but even if it was so different and even if it was hard for me to cope with situations sometimes I am glad that my dad gave me exactly this opportunity to realise what differences do exist in our world and be thankful for my possibilities in life as well as to think more of others.
(It's hard to describe my feeling in proper words. I hope it's not to philosophical and more understandable)

School will start on Monday. Only five months left. It also feels weird to realise that my life, as it is known to me, will change so much. It is for me to make decisions. To decide were my way will lead me.
(and I'm just going to stop here because it's really getting to philosophical. But life is just...different at the moment)