Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. 
No Christmas tree for me. But at least my lamp does look Christmas-like :)

Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

last preparations

So I'm running out of time. It's the 22nd of December and I'm not done with all my presents. Means: My room looks like a fabric-colour-ribbon-pearl-bomb has just exploded. Better don't imagine it. It is terrible. 
Anyway. Apart of me being totally slightly out of time and space I managed to get my Christmas cards done this morning (as well as sending three parcels and the ones for my grandpa, a good friend and my aunt!)

I tried out linocut for the first time and I do like it. It's easy and a good way to keep calm during learning sessions trying to avoid the process itself. The only thing is: you have to remember that the parts you remove are not printed and the ones you leave will be!
I used my doilies as an inspiration and just started in the centre.

To print I went down to my moms studio and used her colours. I don’t know the specific name of the colours but I think they are just normal acryl(?) ones. My mum actually came into the room after I started and was all like: “Ähm. Those are not the right colours!” I also did not use the right paper or the right equipment. So anyone who actually knows how to do it right: Please don’t read on

Apply the colour to your "stencil". (The picture is taken after removing my paper)

 Place your paper

Make sure that your colour is evenly spread

ready (and it does work without all those special stuff!)

they look like little tunnels but the will unroll themself as soon as they are dry

Btw: This was the view out of my window when I woke up Tuesday morning.

By now all the snow is gone. Only rain is left :(
I do not like winter if there is no snow!
At least it isn't so cold...

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

more masking tape

Ok. So I'm not just crazy about crafting but also about craft supplies. I seriously think there is nothing better than shopping for craft supplies; pens, scissors, ribbons, doilies and so on. I love it!

Three months ago I discovered washi tape. It's colourful and fun to work with, and usable for pretty much everything. To come to a point. Unfortunately, it isn't cheap. So I had to wait for an occasion when I could afford some more. This turned out to be Christmas. I got some Christmas money from my grandpa and couldn't resist spending it on more masking tape.

I bought it and passed it on to my mum so she can wrap it again. But it was seriously fun to open the parcel (I know this doesn't sound logical, but I bought some tape with my own money and some with my grandpa's. I had to remove those that were bought with my own money. Logical, isn't it? Not only that but I just couldn't resist opening). And I do love it. And shopping for it of course. So I thought I would share my happiness :)

The shop is already linked (right side) but I just link it again because I love it (I said that a lot didn't I?):
nauli-loves thank you (again) :)

Just on a side note: We do have 2 PM and I already did the laundry (most of it) cleaned and cleared. 
Though I still have to go to shop for groceries and I still have to learn for my math exam on Monday. But hey! Doesn't it already sound like a good day. Amd for a change: The sun is shining :)

Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Photo shoot with Friends

Lately I had a request for a photo shoot. A good friend needed photos for Christmas (present for her parents). Since I do have the right camera I'm the person doing all the photo stuff.

However. I might have the camera. The skills are still rare. But I hope that practise and fun are going to change this soon :) At least I can hope for it...

So here is a short peek at some of the shots

(Blogger makes the pics a bit fuzzy. Actually: They aren't.)

Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Two month ago...

Busy with work. But I had to post it. It was shot at 17:30. Can you see the sun? Right now it's pitch black at 17:30.
Did I say my exams were not until Thursday? I meant Tuesday (tmrw!) 
I do care right now.

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Moments that make me happy

I found those. There old and we both have changed a lot but they make me smile :)

I think we have some serious good ridiculous faces :)

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Christmas Crafts

It is my first free evening this week. (I had two exams in school and one bigger one outside of school -.-)
So my first free evening was dedicated to my endless Christmas-gift-list. 
Old Christmas Songs. A hot chocolate. My free schedule (Ok it isn't  free. I still got three exams but there not until who cares) and within minutes my workplace looked...ehhh...crafty? :)

Chocolate from my advent calender, ribbons♥ and my beloved pincushion

Can I please introduce my awesome-self made-doily-lamp! (Post later)

spooky beautiful moon

And because I'm a genius. My workplace two hours later :)

Because I love her. And jep. My chair has a hard time

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

hard case /phone stickers

Lately I have seen a lot of those cute mobile cases. Mainly for iPhone's.
Since I was not the lucky owner of an iPhone it was a little bit depressing. When I saw this I just had to try it myself. 
So I went for a little research and found a site which seemed quite good. I arranged all my stuff which was a little bit chaotic

 I was pretty sure what I wanted so I didn't play with it too much. I took a photo et voila. That's what it looked like :)

When the package arrived I was a little confused about its size. A hard case in a package should be...well thicker?! I opened it hard case.
Instead: Stickers.
I'm sure they said it somewhere and I'm just not good in reading. I was far too much excited about uploading my design. So. Better to read the stuff next time. Anyway. I was sitting there with stickers I had paid for. I would use them. (I mean the Design was still cute, wasn't it!) 
The material is super thin and shiny. Applying was easy. The result was.....great. 
Say hello to my new shiny phone:

I'm still a little bit worried that the ones on the side are going to collect all sorts of dust and fabrics and whatever else is in my pockets or that I'll remove it accidentally while putting it in my pocket.
We'll see :) 


ups, my cat....

Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

I know...

...we do have December and its all about winter right does look like autumn...

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

DIY: Magnets

So this is a really easy project. 
Last week I was at my friend's place. We have a game-night once in a while and she was opening her "Malzbier" when I saw the cap lid. 
It had a cute motive from Tim&Struppi on it, all wonderful old and retro. I fell for it the minute I saw it. So I asked her if I could keep it and because she knows me well, she offered to keep the others as well when their bottles are opened. 
So I ended up with 5 wonderful bottle caps and while I was thinking what to do with them I looked at my magnet board. Yep. Done. 5 new magnets for my board.

So. To do it: I first removed this little plastic thing inside.

There will be glue still sticking to the lid but since I'm planning to put even more glue on it, it does not matter.
With one of the round plastic things, draw a circle on some paper.This is my stencil. Since my cardboard wasn't so thick I cut two circles for each lid. 10 in total.
Glue them to the back of the lid.

You can see the other cardboard circles waiting for their glue pattern :)
Add the magnet (I used my hot glue gun) Let it dry.
I think it would even be cute to do it with the normal bottle caps and start a collection. Or is this weird?

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

Self portrait the second

I'm in sort of a sketching-mood...still avoiding stuff I'm actually supposed to do :P

Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Self portrait


DIY: Twine Dispenser

Just a quick DIY because I'm trying anything else to avoid doing stuff I'm supposed to do. But isn't this the way life works? :)
And I also need something to distract myself  from noticing that it is dark outside for pretty much the whole time. I don't like it. At least it could start snowing. Couldn't it?
So something small, random and sth to use your old yogurt cups :)

Cut out the surroundings so you don't have any raisings that get into your way. (I think it is possible to skip this step. If your not averse against any edges :)
Note: You'll need two cups. My picture only shows one but there is another one sitting on my lap, waiting to be cut.

Make a hole in one of the cups. This will be your upper one. 
I also cut a circle out of scrapbooking paper and made a hole in it too. Glue it to the top.  
Fill in the twine nicely and floss it. Then glue the cups together. I used sallow tape. It did not look very nice. But I'll cover it anyway. 
For the decoration (cover for all the ugly sallow tape) I used some fabric and stuff I had on hand. The fabric was sewn into ruffles and glued to my cup (hot glue gun! You can do everything with it).

At the end I tied a small ribbon around it, added a button and a "y" for "ähm...Yay" (I just wanted to add something. The "Y" was an excuse). And it's done. Easy fast and handy.

My lovely Twine-Dispenser :)

Have a nice evening :)

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Full and confusing

The Day was full. And confusing (surprise surprise) and I'm still not able to think straight. So, just to cheer me up, some fotos which make me smile. And to remember: Life is great.  Even if thick clouds and a thunderstorm appear from time to time the sun will shine again.

This is actually supposed to be my "background-title-picture". Just...I didn't work out how to put it in yet

Her last picture wasn't really conforming her

jep. there's a chair on the roof :)


Under a blue sky with the sun shining

Montag, 28. November 2011


I look after two cute boys from time to time. The last time I did so, I was thinking a lot about boys and girls.
When I was 6 or 7 and was asking my mum stuff about boys, she always said: "If a boy likes you, he annoys you". I always thought she was wrong. Totally. Since when did someone do something stupid to show that he liked someone else?!

Several years on I was sitting across from the younger one (6 years) and I was still thinking about boys and girls. So we had this little conversation:

I: Did you ever fall in love?
He: No
I: And your brother?
He: No. But his friend!
I: What was her name?
He: Zoe
I: And what happened?
He: He annoyed her.

Just like this. (He didn't even grin!)
I had to smile. Boys are awesome. And my mum was right.

Montag, 21. November 2011

Christmas stuff

I'm not really good in choosing my titels (It's not showing it anyway ô.O it does now^^) I'll learn it eventually.
So Christmas is coming closer (faster than I thought) and I had to start with all the stuff I plan to give away as a present. So I switched on the music (my iPod), my sewing machine and went away into the wide space of crafting and sewing. 
Let’s be honest.
I didn't went away that far (time is short). But anyway, here is a first peek of my projects (the first 3/100 -.-).

peek :)
ribbons and stuff I use (at the moment)

(Sorry for the colour of my pictures. It's pitch black outside and I don't have many lights inside. So all the light is created inside my wonderful camera. More or less. As you can see ;) )

So back to work and a wonderful evening :)