Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

hard case /phone stickers

Lately I have seen a lot of those cute mobile cases. Mainly for iPhone's.
Since I was not the lucky owner of an iPhone it was a little bit depressing. When I saw this I just had to try it myself. 
So I went for a little research and found a site which seemed quite good. I arranged all my stuff which was a little bit chaotic

 I was pretty sure what I wanted so I didn't play with it too much. I took a photo et voila. That's what it looked like :)

When the package arrived I was a little confused about its size. A hard case in a package should be...well thicker?! I opened it hard case.
Instead: Stickers.
I'm sure they said it somewhere and I'm just not good in reading. I was far too much excited about uploading my design. So. Better to read the stuff next time. Anyway. I was sitting there with stickers I had paid for. I would use them. (I mean the Design was still cute, wasn't it!) 
The material is super thin and shiny. Applying was easy. The result was.....great. 
Say hello to my new shiny phone:

I'm still a little bit worried that the ones on the side are going to collect all sorts of dust and fabrics and whatever else is in my pockets or that I'll remove it accidentally while putting it in my pocket.
We'll see :) 


ups, my cat....

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