Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

last preparations

So I'm running out of time. It's the 22nd of December and I'm not done with all my presents. Means: My room looks like a fabric-colour-ribbon-pearl-bomb has just exploded. Better don't imagine it. It is terrible. 
Anyway. Apart of me being totally slightly out of time and space I managed to get my Christmas cards done this morning (as well as sending three parcels and the ones for my grandpa, a good friend and my aunt!)

I tried out linocut for the first time and I do like it. It's easy and a good way to keep calm during learning sessions trying to avoid the process itself. The only thing is: you have to remember that the parts you remove are not printed and the ones you leave will be!
I used my doilies as an inspiration and just started in the centre.

To print I went down to my moms studio and used her colours. I don’t know the specific name of the colours but I think they are just normal acryl(?) ones. My mum actually came into the room after I started and was all like: “Ähm. Those are not the right colours!” I also did not use the right paper or the right equipment. So anyone who actually knows how to do it right: Please don’t read on

Apply the colour to your "stencil". (The picture is taken after removing my paper)

 Place your paper

Make sure that your colour is evenly spread

ready (and it does work without all those special stuff!)

they look like little tunnels but the will unroll themself as soon as they are dry

Btw: This was the view out of my window when I woke up Tuesday morning.

By now all the snow is gone. Only rain is left :(
I do not like winter if there is no snow!
At least it isn't so cold...

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  1. ich seh meine karte auf dem foto! XD haha! voll schön!!!danke nochmaaa!!! ;) lg, Johanna