Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Ganz kurz zwischendurch

Ich hab die beste Familie mit den besten Studenten abgekriegt, stimmts?! ♥ Danke Pasc :)

Hihi ich hab das Halloween Wochenende gut überlebt (Und war Sonntag Nachmittag endlich wieder zu Hause). Ansonsten zeigt sich Vancouver von seiner besten regnerischen Seite. Immer mehr Laub fällt von den Bäumen und ich bin gespannt wie es wird wenn der Halloween Hype vorbei ist. (Halloween hier ist RIESIG! Ab vier Uhr Nachmittags standen die ersten Gestalten am Samstag vor den Bars in der Schlange!!!) Und Morgen ist nochmal groß mit Feuerwerken und allem drum und dran.

Gestern war dann einfach ein Ausruh-Tag, ich bin direkt nach der Schule nach Hause und bis halb sechs ins Bett (einschlafen mit "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" Audiobook). Dann gab es die Nachrichten (NYC und der Sturm und Auswirkungen für Kanada) und Abendessen mit meinem Gastdad. Und dann wunderbare Schokokekse und "The Vow" während die Wäsche ihre Runden in der Waschmaschine und anschließend im Trockner gedreht hat. (Die muss jetzt noch gefaltet und weggeräumt werden...*sight*). Und dann früh ins Bett!

Ich versuche mich demnächst nochmal ausführlicher zu melden, aber es ist momentan meine letzte Schulwoche (Nächste Woche Montag beginnt dann das Praktikum!!) und demnentsprechend ist momentan alles ein bisschen voll (bis aus Gestern ;))

Genießt also noch das Herbstwetter mit heißem Tee und Schokokeksen und ich melde mich bald ausführlich ;)
Ganz liebe Grüße :)

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

The Nightmare before Christmas {Aka my very first own pumpkin carving}

So this Thursday turned out to be my "free" day of the week. Thing is: I get too excited about those rare free days! I start planning and planning and adding To-Do's one after the other that I end up with my "free" Day being the busiest of the week.
My plan for today was: Buy a gift, rush home, skype, do my laundry, go shopping for groceries, bake, answer my mails, read, clean my room and go to bed early.

It started with my skype-date telling me she didn't have time. So I did my shopping and just went home. I did buy all the ingredients for my baking but it just never happened...because:
I discovered that carving pumpkins is actually FUN! Like really fun! So no chocolate cookies, no answered mails, no detailed plans for my following days and no reading so far but two awesome pumpkins!

Here we go ;P

You'll need:
  •  Pumpkins
  • Marker
  • a cutter
  • and coffee ;)
My original plan was to carve one of my pumpkins and just paint the other one. So let's start there.

(Ups pictures got mixed up!) So cut the top off first. Remove the stem and the seeds. Than I drew my face on with a marker so cutting would be easier. And this is were the problem started! Carving is addictive! So here goes my warning before you start ;)

Jack halfway through...I sort of like his messy appearance
So no painting but just carving!
Btw: I didn't want to go with the normal huge pumpkins and I was looking for a cheap option so I ended up buying actual pumpkin-pie pumpkins. The carving worked just fine. I'm not sure though if they will hold as long as a normal pumpkin would. I'll keep you updated.

I tried deep-cut-carving and just scratching-the-surface-carving I guess I like both though the second one  probably only starts to look cool once you insert a light (and I forgot to buy some) but, oh well.

Definitely my favourite!
I really like my end products! So if you didn't do it yet: There is still time you know! ;) Go and get some pumpkins!
(Oh and you can roast the seeds if you want (and aren't to lazy like I am...))

Happy Happy Halloween!

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Random Tuesday Night Activities {ice cream heaven}

The three of us, my older host brother Paul, my roommate Pascaline and me, end up having dinner together more often than usual lately. It normally ends up with discussion about pretty much everything. So we were sitting at the table and just had finished dinner (Really Yum by the way! Meat, Veggies and chicken-pastry-something) when Paul announced: "Let's go and have ice cream"

Just so you know, I might have mentioned it before but I'll just do it again: It's freezing right now. Like 2°C in the morning (and probably at night, but who knows). It was around 6:30PM. A random time to eat ice cream...

But(!) You can always eat ice cream, right? ;)

So ice cream eating we went :D

Welcome to heaps and heaps of awesome flavours and even more awesome toppings, and sauces, and sprinkles, and waffles ♥

And it's not just like you get your normal ice cream in a cone. You can choose your cone (or just take a normal cup). Than, either take one of the recommendations (which I did) or mix it by yourself (which Paul and Pasc did): Ice cream flavour and toppings, and sauce and whatever you want. Pure happiness ;)
And they just mix it together for you. Sooooooooo good!!!! 
Mine (Cheesecake with Oreos and Cookie Dough and chocolate fudge sauce!!!)
Paul's (Red Velvet with Oreos and Crunch)

Haha ice cream definitely leads to funny pictures ;)
Iceliciousness ♥
And Waffliciousness :)
I did mention the funny pictures, didn't I!? :P
I highly recommend random Ice cream store visits on cold nights on Tuesday (well they don't have to be cold. And it doesn't have to be a Tuesday. But I guess you understood the concept)
Wonderful Wednesday to everyone ;)
Oh and most important: The link to the store ;)  Marble Slab

Chocolate Brownie Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Doesn't this title already makes you drool and crave for chocolate?! Well it does that to me...need to make a chocolate brownie cake again...oh well...

Anyway. Cold weather and rain makes me want to bake and cook! 
I have to admit I'm always afraid to try out new recipes since you never know if they are going to be, well really good or just like something else. I picked this one because I had pretty much everything it called for and it sounded fun.
I changed a few things so for everyone who's interested: Here's the original recipe and further down is my version of it ;)
Let's bring on some chocolatness and an awesome smell for your home!!!

 Chocolate Brownie Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

The cake
  • 215gr dark chocolate
  • 3 tabelspoons butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2/3 cup sugar (150gr)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup flour (30gr)
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder       
Melt the chocolate and the butter in a heatproof bowl over simmering water (Or use the microwave! I always end up doing it there since it's easier and faster. Just be careful: Don't let it in for too long and stir often. I normally do 30sec. and stir. Another 20 and stir. If necessary another 10sec.).
Mix together the eggs, butter and sugar until creamy. Add flour, baking powder and melted chocolate mixture. Put the mixture into your form and bake it for ~40-50 Minutes at 355°F (180°C) (Until you have a cracked surface and an inserted toothpick comes out nearly clean).

While you let it cool down (No pressure: You can already eat it now!! Like all hot and gooey and yummy!!!) prepare your frosting:

Pure over your cake and add sprinkles if desired. Enjoy!

You'll find it easier to cut the cake/brownie once it's cool but as I just said: No pressure ;)

And because baking here is different...I'm so going to have arm muscles!!!!!


Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Like Alice in Bookland {hidden treasures}

This is only for people with a great affection for books...or pictures. So be warned!

I found this bookshop last week while I was waiting for my Interview to begin. I had walked by it a couple of times (or better: I had seen it a couple of times while my bus drove past it!) and since I had to kill some time I decided to give it a try...

It was really worth it. Somehow like Alice in Wonderland. You feel so tiny in between all those book...and this wonderful messy organisation!! So If you love books, an awesome atmosphere and everything wonderful and you happen to live/be/visit Vancouver: Give it a try!
Oh and the owner is super nice as well! He didn't object to me taking pictures but also told me that some couples would do their wedding shots in here and other stuff. Cool isn't it!?

Some books hide small treasures...
Aisle after aisle full with books...
Old carpets, wooden cabinets and more books
And if you look closely you'll always find some hidden chairs to sit in and have a break...with a book or two ;)

Mac Leod's Books on West Pender close to the bus stop Hamilton

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Cloudy Thursday

I finally found a pattern for my days and weeks. It varies (still) but it feels like I'm really here now (which makes two month in total to adapt...).

A rainy downtown night
I love autumn for all those colours...
On the bus
Makes me think of warm and cozy mornings in France ♥
The biggest smiley face ever for a really hard working main class ;)
And my favourite bus stop....though I think everyone there thinks I'm weird since I keep on making pictures pretty much every single morning...sorry for everyone who sees me there!
Otherwise it was test-week again. I had my first Yoga class ever on Sunday (and I might get addicted to it). I also really really need to buy some rubber boots and some legwarmers (and maybe another warm sweater) since it starts being quite cold. And all in all I think I might just stay here forever ;)


Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

DIY {calender}

Despite everything what is new and beloved here I miss being able to craft as often and with whatever I want to. I miss it a lot actually. It sort of moves over to other things (Have a look at my calender for example. It's crazy. I'm actually proud that I still can find my appointments in the mess of doodles, graphics, sentences and whatever else...) or at my constantly changing nails (I should SO have brought all my nail colours with me...not only 4...) well I guess you learn stuff, right?

So I'm thankful for every opportunity that pops up for me, to get around to be a bit creative again. This time it was for my teacher.
I was just doodling in my calender again  and she made that comment on how cool it would be to have a calender just like mine (well not that cool but whatever).
I made her one. Fun times :)

So here you go with an easy peasy calender tutorial....(just because I feel not just like making stuff but actually I also feel like posting stuff I made :P It's not really really a tutorial....)

You'll need:
  • a book (any size/shape/colour...works)
  • a pen
  • optional: ruler and marks
Busy streets while I worked...

1. Spare your first page for personal information 2. (which should actually be 3. -.-) get a bit creative ;) 3. (our actual 2.) Decide on a design for your pages. Either have one page for one week, or two for one or one pager per day, make it simple or fancy, or, or, or (endless possibilities on that one) 4. I added tags to distinguish the months 5. Add a few notes/lists/plans 6. Make a label
Easy peasy as it is :)

Starbucks is awesome to be at!

Nothing fancy but definitely useful ;)

Raincouver {to be realistic}

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

12 of 12 {October}

12 pictures during one day (always the 12th) Here we go(and that was actually Friday, but oh well...)

Breakfast yum: Greek yogurt, Bananas, Strawberries and Strawberry yogurt...
...though it doesn't look as nice once you stirred it around...still tastes good though
Rain, rain, rain
Down a few stairs with misty rain in my hair. This stuff is actually not that bad
I love the yellow and green...on my way to school
Rain comes with gray...and school with a class room ;)
Sandwich lunch
Granville St
I think I might vote for more and more colourful umbrellas! Colour is missing...
Two bags :P
Reading on my way home
And coffee and my computer to relax a bit
Not that spectacular but it definitely pictures Vancouver quite well...rain so far ;)
And everyone else is here