Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

The Nightmare before Christmas {Aka my very first own pumpkin carving}

So this Thursday turned out to be my "free" day of the week. Thing is: I get too excited about those rare free days! I start planning and planning and adding To-Do's one after the other that I end up with my "free" Day being the busiest of the week.
My plan for today was: Buy a gift, rush home, skype, do my laundry, go shopping for groceries, bake, answer my mails, read, clean my room and go to bed early.

It started with my skype-date telling me she didn't have time. So I did my shopping and just went home. I did buy all the ingredients for my baking but it just never happened...because:
I discovered that carving pumpkins is actually FUN! Like really fun! So no chocolate cookies, no answered mails, no detailed plans for my following days and no reading so far but two awesome pumpkins!

Here we go ;P

You'll need:
  •  Pumpkins
  • Marker
  • a cutter
  • and coffee ;)
My original plan was to carve one of my pumpkins and just paint the other one. So let's start there.

(Ups pictures got mixed up!) So cut the top off first. Remove the stem and the seeds. Than I drew my face on with a marker so cutting would be easier. And this is were the problem started! Carving is addictive! So here goes my warning before you start ;)

Jack halfway through...I sort of like his messy appearance
So no painting but just carving!
Btw: I didn't want to go with the normal huge pumpkins and I was looking for a cheap option so I ended up buying actual pumpkin-pie pumpkins. The carving worked just fine. I'm not sure though if they will hold as long as a normal pumpkin would. I'll keep you updated.

I tried deep-cut-carving and just scratching-the-surface-carving I guess I like both though the second one  probably only starts to look cool once you insert a light (and I forgot to buy some) but, oh well.

Definitely my favourite!
I really like my end products! So if you didn't do it yet: There is still time you know! ;) Go and get some pumpkins!
(Oh and you can roast the seeds if you want (and aren't to lazy like I am...))

Happy Happy Halloween!

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