Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Like Alice in Bookland {hidden treasures}

This is only for people with a great affection for books...or pictures. So be warned!

I found this bookshop last week while I was waiting for my Interview to begin. I had walked by it a couple of times (or better: I had seen it a couple of times while my bus drove past it!) and since I had to kill some time I decided to give it a try...

It was really worth it. Somehow like Alice in Wonderland. You feel so tiny in between all those book...and this wonderful messy organisation!! So If you love books, an awesome atmosphere and everything wonderful and you happen to live/be/visit Vancouver: Give it a try!
Oh and the owner is super nice as well! He didn't object to me taking pictures but also told me that some couples would do their wedding shots in here and other stuff. Cool isn't it!?

Some books hide small treasures...
Aisle after aisle full with books...
Old carpets, wooden cabinets and more books
And if you look closely you'll always find some hidden chairs to sit in and have a break...with a book or two ;)

Mac Leod's Books on West Pender close to the bus stop Hamilton


  1. Das ist... der HIMMEL! *_____* <333

  2. Ah wie gut:D:)! Ich wusste nicht, dass du auch Johanna heißt.
    Was machst du in Kanada? Work and Travel? Wie lange bist du dort?

  3. Ich mache zur zeit mein Abitur und bin im Mai fertig. Achso und was machst du wenn du wieder hier bist?
    Liebe Grüße, Johanna