Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

My first Pie EVER {double chocolate pecan}

I never ever made a pie in my life. I don't know why. It's not like I would not bake. I love double-triple-layer cakes, super fudgy caramelized nut brownies, cupcakes with filling and frosting...whatever. But a pie had somehow always sounded too intimidating to me.
I also always connect Pie to Thanksgiving (all this pumpkiness ♥) though since we never had Thanksgiving I sort of never got around to be seriously confronted with the Pie-thing. Until this year.

I got invited to my friends place and was suddenly facing this whole Thanksgiving-Pie-concept. But you know me better as that I would give up, right?!
So here we go:

 My own double-chocolate-pecan-pie-Thanksgiving-challenge

(Recipe from Annie's eats. And since this was my first Pie ever (I know I mentioned that, but I so have to mention it again! :P) I just really followed every single step. So here you go...
Pots? Check! Recipe? Check! Cups (ahhhh I bought my very first own set of cups!!!♥) Check! Ingredients? Check! Let's go!!
I love butter for baking!
First step. Refrigerate.
Getting some support ;)
Chocolate ♥
Who says a girl can't handle a knife!?
Second step: Roll! And If you're lacking tools: Starbucks To go cups are awesome! ;)
Sneaking outside while the dough is in the fridge again...
Preparing the filling...
So just that you know: Not everything turned out the way it was supposed to be...
...though you can always just go on and see how it turns out at the end, right?
And I wouldn't say it turned out that bad ;)

Happy Thanksgiving and a thumbs up for cool challenges in your life! (Uh! And I didn't take any pie home again...I think that's good, isn't it!) ;)

Oh and so just that you get an impression...there was heaps and heaps and heaps of really really delicious food!
 Thank you so much for having me!:)

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