Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Self portrait


DIY: Twine Dispenser

Just a quick DIY because I'm trying anything else to avoid doing stuff I'm supposed to do. But isn't this the way life works? :)
And I also need something to distract myself  from noticing that it is dark outside for pretty much the whole time. I don't like it. At least it could start snowing. Couldn't it?
So something small, random and sth to use your old yogurt cups :)

Cut out the surroundings so you don't have any raisings that get into your way. (I think it is possible to skip this step. If your not averse against any edges :)
Note: You'll need two cups. My picture only shows one but there is another one sitting on my lap, waiting to be cut.

Make a hole in one of the cups. This will be your upper one. 
I also cut a circle out of scrapbooking paper and made a hole in it too. Glue it to the top.  
Fill in the twine nicely and floss it. Then glue the cups together. I used sallow tape. It did not look very nice. But I'll cover it anyway. 
For the decoration (cover for all the ugly sallow tape) I used some fabric and stuff I had on hand. The fabric was sewn into ruffles and glued to my cup (hot glue gun! You can do everything with it).

At the end I tied a small ribbon around it, added a button and a "y" for "ähm...Yay" (I just wanted to add something. The "Y" was an excuse). And it's done. Easy fast and handy.

My lovely Twine-Dispenser :)

Have a nice evening :)

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Full and confusing

The Day was full. And confusing (surprise surprise) and I'm still not able to think straight. So, just to cheer me up, some fotos which make me smile. And to remember: Life is great.  Even if thick clouds and a thunderstorm appear from time to time the sun will shine again.

This is actually supposed to be my "background-title-picture". Just...I didn't work out how to put it in yet

Her last picture wasn't really conforming her

jep. there's a chair on the roof :)


Under a blue sky with the sun shining

Montag, 28. November 2011


I look after two cute boys from time to time. The last time I did so, I was thinking a lot about boys and girls.
When I was 6 or 7 and was asking my mum stuff about boys, she always said: "If a boy likes you, he annoys you". I always thought she was wrong. Totally. Since when did someone do something stupid to show that he liked someone else?!

Several years on I was sitting across from the younger one (6 years) and I was still thinking about boys and girls. So we had this little conversation:

I: Did you ever fall in love?
He: No
I: And your brother?
He: No. But his friend!
I: What was her name?
He: Zoe
I: And what happened?
He: He annoyed her.

Just like this. (He didn't even grin!)
I had to smile. Boys are awesome. And my mum was right.

Montag, 21. November 2011

Christmas stuff

I'm not really good in choosing my titels (It's not showing it anyway ô.O it does now^^) I'll learn it eventually.
So Christmas is coming closer (faster than I thought) and I had to start with all the stuff I plan to give away as a present. So I switched on the music (my iPod), my sewing machine and went away into the wide space of crafting and sewing. 
Let’s be honest.
I didn't went away that far (time is short). But anyway, here is a first peek of my projects (the first 3/100 -.-).

peek :)
ribbons and stuff I use (at the moment)

(Sorry for the colour of my pictures. It's pitch black outside and I don't have many lights inside. So all the light is created inside my wonderful camera. More or less. As you can see ;) )

So back to work and a wonderful evening :)

Samstag, 19. November 2011


It's cold outside. Winter is arriving. Everything is covered with a sheet of frozen flowers each morning. I do love it. Even if it's cold

Freitag, 18. November 2011

First Post

Yay it's my first Post. C u soon with recipes, DIY Projects and bits and pieces out of everydays life :)
Best Cookies ever! Recipe found on pinterest and adapted to my (and my brothers) needs :)