Montag, 21. November 2011

Christmas stuff

I'm not really good in choosing my titels (It's not showing it anyway ô.O it does now^^) I'll learn it eventually.
So Christmas is coming closer (faster than I thought) and I had to start with all the stuff I plan to give away as a present. So I switched on the music (my iPod), my sewing machine and went away into the wide space of crafting and sewing. 
Let’s be honest.
I didn't went away that far (time is short). But anyway, here is a first peek of my projects (the first 3/100 -.-).

peek :)
ribbons and stuff I use (at the moment)

(Sorry for the colour of my pictures. It's pitch black outside and I don't have many lights inside. So all the light is created inside my wonderful camera. More or less. As you can see ;) )

So back to work and a wonderful evening :)

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