My Days in Canada

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And if you're interested: A short summary of my year can be found here.

Day 154:...half a day...and mainly just traveling. (Which also ment loosing 9 hours...)

Day 153: One last dinner with my awesome and beloved family...sporting a crazy delicious chocolate cream cake as a farewell ♥

Day 152: The list of last things goes on: One last coffee-girls-talking date and one last time cooking together

Day 151: One last dinner at the Naam with two really awesome girls ♥

Day 150: Good Morning. And Goodbye to my big sister :(

Day 149: Jenga Victory!!!!!!!! (Pride saved...sorry for someone...and it wasn't just luck!!! :P)

Day 148: Waiting and organizing after a full day at one of my favourite coffee shops (Chai Tea Latte time)

Day 147: Running (and ignoring the rain by doing so!) Ha!

Day 146: Lazy Saturday No.2 and thankful for my favourite coffee cup (a-cup-of-joe)

Day 145: Last day of work honored with an ice cream evening

Day 144: Back to work (all those holidays) and it's super foggy...obviously

Day 143: Fixing beloved but broken things

Day 142: First day of the new year

Day 141: New Years Eve dinner with my host family ♥

Day 140: Shopping downtown and collecting memory pictures

Day 139: Lazy Saturdays

Day 138: Using one of my Christmas presents and Dinner at the Naam ♥

Day 137: Back to work. Oscar ♥

Day 136: Boying turns into sport!

Day 135: Christmas day with someone special. Egg Nog French Toast and Christmas movies

Day 134: School, Coffee and Christmas shoppings with a good friend...on Christmas (and a heart from the Barista :P)

Day 133: Christmas Lights at Stanley Park

Day 132: Kitchen french toast making

Day 131: First day feeling good again. Like really. With tea back to work.

Day 130: Starting to feel slightly better and some really urgent post had to be done!

Day 129: Sick.

Day 128: Sick...again. But this time so sick that we went to the doctor. No pictures.

Day 127: Good morning cloudy/rainy/snowy Vancouver

Day 126: Christmas gifts for clients and work

Day 125: Jep they have Katniss Everdeen as a barbie...otherwise: Birthday surprise party for a friend :D

Day 124: First day feeling better, and catching up with some Christmas baking

Day123: Still sick...

Day 122: And really sick finally :(

Day 121: Off from work a bit earlier because I didn't feel good...and yummy lunch

Day 120: First snow

Day 119: Farewell dinner with some of the most crazy awesome people I've ever met ♥

Day 118: German Christmas Market in Vancouver with Gluehwein and Bratwurst

Day 117: After I went shopping Friday stoked for the start of baking on Saturday...and jep: 18 Chocolates!

Day 116: Coffee is desperately needs these days...

Day 115: The Naam (my all time favorite vegetarian restaurant ever!) with Raphael after work :)

Day 114: Bootcamp on it would turn out: My last time :(

Day 113: Cooking...and actually I was cooking...that's just the end where I started taking pictures :D mhhh recipe here.

Day 112: Painting with friends of the family

Day 111: (Schnappszahl!) Christmas cookies for the best roommate ever! Big sister Nr. 1 ♥

Day 110: First time step classes. In the morning! On a saturday!!!!

Bummer: I did not take a single picture on day 109! People who paied close attention should have noticed this happened once before! ... shame on me

Day 108: Rain

Day 107: Coffee is definitely needed!

Day 106: Back! and putting up the christmas tree with someone in the evening

Day 105: Sick

Day 104: Shopping with my roommate (well doing the groceries but who cares)

Day 103: Christmas market in Yaletown

Day 102: Wall next to my work

Day 101: Skipping Dinner and eating desert instead. Out with friends

Day 100: Rain and the view from my bus

Day 99: First match latte ever! Quite green...

Day 98: Dinner and Movie night with Colleen. Girls night out after work is definitely awesome!

Day 97: Sketching...somehow I don't like the idea of paper that much recently...maybe all those trees? :P

Day 96: Good? Not good? Still looking....

Day 95: Raincouver

Day 94: Jep! French club is fun!

Day 93: Walking past cute windows on my way to work

Day 92: Fringe being filmed in front of my work right in front of it! Haha

Day 91: Free Monday due to Holidays so trip with friends to Seattle!!! (Anthropology ♥)

Day 90: Guys in the kitchen! (Nothing got burned :P)

Day 89: Birthday of a friend after our walk through Stanley Park and a warm up coffee at Starbucks

Day 88: Fun Friday Activities

Day 87: Sushi for dinner with a friend after work. And some blenz and Nanaimo bars later...for some serious and not do funny discussions...

Day 86: Sunshine outside...though I don't really see that inside (down in the basement)

Day 85: On my way through Gastown after work

Day 84: First day at work requires coffee!

Day 83: At friends, sketching, chatting watching TV waiting to go for dinner at the Naam

Day 82: New nail design

Day 81: Last day at school calls for Mexican food (well, it's also end of term...)

Day 80: Breakfast the easy 7eleven way

Day 79: peanut butter frosted chocolate brownies for the 2nd Halloween party

Day 77: The crane project 0.2 (more later)

Day 76: Welcome Home ♥ (to the best family in the world)

Day 75: Last Halloween Party preparations

Day 74: Quick chocolate cookies for a movie night

Day 73: Free Thursday turns into a free pumpkin carving day :D

Day 72: Scribbling for future projects while others got a piercing ;)

Day 71: Every girls heaven ;)

Day 70: Because it's getting cold: A new scarf ♥

Day 69: Early mornings at the bus stop. A rooftop full of sea gulls....

Day 68: Shopping Downtown. Rainy Vancouver ♥

Day 67: Halloween costume shopping. Guess what I really really really wanted to be....though it was waaaaays to expensive :(

Day 66: Lunch with Colleen at Whole Foods. Sooooo yum!!

Day 65: I love my bus stop (still)

Day 64: An extra huge Smiley for an extra awesome main class :P

Day 63: In the mood for Chocolate Brownie Cream Cheese Cake

Day 62: On my way to my first Yoga class ever!!!!

Day 61: Morning in a rainy, cold and autumny Vancouver Downtown

Day 60: Shopping for special occasions

Day 59: I love my lunch box :D

Day 58: Calories before we burn them off at boot camp!

Day 57: Do something crazy every day: For example try the kids water park ;)

Day 56: Playing pool for the first time :D

Day 55: Thanksgiving at a friends place

Day 54: The Pie Challenge and just annoying being at home :)

Day 53: Celebrating someones birthday :)

Day 52: Yummy lunch

Day 51: Someone lost a bet and I got this ;)

Day 50: Look who got a piercing :D

Day 49: My bad influence: Starbucks again and i was so able to talk someone into buying a kindle!!!!!

Day 48: Lots and lots and lots of fruits for friends (can u see the top of the pineapple peeking out!?)

Day 47: Road trip to Whistler :D

Day 46: A desk for Jo ♥

Day 45: Halyway through delicious cheesecake

Day 44: Supporting someones brownie addiction :P

Day 43: One of the most beautiful places on earth. Quiet evening

Day 42: So how do we like this?

Day 41: Trying out new colours...

Day 40: flying cars in metrotown

Day 39: one of those days....

Day 38: at Coleen's after boot camp classes

Day 37: Hiking in deep cove

Day 36: If life is a mess, take an oreo hot fudge mc flurry and find a new perspective!!

Day 35: garden, laundry, mexican food and late coffee stays

Day 34: Movies downtown

Day 33: Sushi all u can eat with the girls <3

Day 32: relaxing...

Day 31: first time bootcamp classes :D

Day 30: new green for my room :)

Day 29: Sore but happy after paint balling yesterday :)

Day 28: first time paintball and i'm addicted to it now!

Day 27: Day at the beach

Day26: Free starbucks coffee for a really lucky me :D

Day 25: a burning olympic fire

Day 24: stanley park

Day 23: Enjoy the warmth and sun outsides <3

Day 22: doing the grind again :p (therefore no makeup but pure exhaustion...)

Day 21: waiting for the bus to arrive...sundays -.-

Day 20: berry picking and picnic

Day 19: school, certificates, kindles and farewells

Day 18: Third time without me. But I do love my girls <3

Day 17: Challenge accepted

Day 16: Yay for cool classes :D

Day 15: Sketching my little-day-stories

Day 14: My hostbrothers birthday

Day 13: Hiking up and down grouse mountain including visiting two bears at the top :D

Day 12: vancouver at night :) (girls night out)

Day 11: first time on the skytrain (and i totally felt like i've been beamed into a star wars movie^^)

Day 10: ice cream for the ice cream addicted ;)

Day 9: Hiking

Day 8: shopping for veggies in chinatwon

Day 7: PNE! motor cross, acrobats, super dogs and coffein highs :D

Day 6: Color Me Rad

Day 5: Frapuccino and cakepop in Gastown

Day 4: Climbing on hanging bridges

Day 3: Barbecue,Beach and Badminton

Day 2: Welcome to Vancouver, BC :)

Day 1: let's wait and drink tea ;) (for the plane, the gate, the tea, my luggage...)

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