Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

One big random photo post

So, lots and lots of blogs later I still find myself looking through so many pictures I wanted to share but (here comes the shocker!) too lazy to figure out a topic for each group of them. They are the random tidbits I shot in between things happening but I still love them. And they've got here we go with a real photo overload from India...without a concept ;)

One of the fruit stands in Shantiniketan...the only time I came without someone he totally made me pay double double...I didn't go there again
Fruits ♥
We went to Bolpur one day, stayed there for like half an hour and flew. It was just noisy, loud, dirty, full and everything else.
Not enough feet posts this time ;) so here we go...
He was making tea in front of our house...
At night (well evening but it gets dark super early)
More feet...the point is: Can you see all those mosquito bites?! I hate them. The rest of me looked like that as well *bigbigbigsight*...and is it just me or are they biting in patterns? Weird. Oh and yeah: My feet are dirty! They were. All the time.
Gymnastic during the afternoon....they are pretty good!!
Early and beautiful sunset...
And breakfast in front of the house. We did that a couple of times
In case you're missing all the normal stuff you'd put on a toast: Use honey and granola!
Shantiniketan's streets from above
He and his wife cook every day at the RSV. They are awesome!!! We went to their place for dinner one evening and it was so so so tasty! We couldn't stop to thank them
That's how you cook!
Love all about it....
My hands got painted more than once...I loved this one the most
And the hand is kinda awkward in this one...I'm wondering how this position is even possible...haha weird.
I also got paintings for my diary. She was so concentrated...
I handed my camera over...again....a lot of random shots of what happened:
I actually really like this one! I also tried to explain the zoom but it just scared them. It was fun to see them interact with the camera though
After our Bolpur trip back in Shantiniketan again. I only noticed afterwards that I also had captured the Can you see it? Left side behind the tree! There were flies everywhere..and a lot more but that's pretty much what every fish "shop" looked like
 Greetings to all of you :)

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