I thought I might just add this column now because time normally flies by and I just get this feeling I'll blink my eyes again and already find myself in India not having been able to write all of I might just do it now.

India has always been a bigger topic in my life. My original name (Johanna is just my second name but way easier!) is Sanskrit, my dad used to do (and still does) a lot of work connected to the country and it just sort of happens that it was always something surrounding me while I grew up.
With the years, also my curiosity grew and now, being all grown up and mature (heavy sarcasm at this place. I'm allowed to do that!) I found myself facing the urge to travel to the country myself.
So I started looking for some organization, scrolled through several pages of links and finally found a possibility here.

The project focuses on two Adivasi-villages, Ghosaldanga and Bishnubati, in west Bengal. Since 1984, when Martin Kaempchen started and inspired the work to encourage and support the inhabitants of the villages in all areas of life (but still keep the cultural balance) this project went on, support by voluntary donations.
This (German) and this (English) is their site.

I'll be in India from the 20th of February to the 30th of April 2013.
I'm hoping to support the local school and any projects connected with children. I'm looking forward to teach but also to be taught in return.

Most important for me is: I don't have any expectations on what my stay is going to be like. I never went to India before. I know that this culture is totally different to what I know. I am open and curious and most of all, I'm excited to experience all of this and share it as good as possible with all of you on my blog here.

See you soon :)


  1. Nicht hoffen nicht fürchten - das ist Dein Urangesicht -Jetzt

  2. Danke für die Einführung und den Wunsch in Indien alles zu erleben, zu geniessen, zu tolerieren, zu lehren, zu lernen.
    Alle guten Wünsche und Gesundheit
    Jyoti (Christa) Biswas, Frankfurt am Main

    1. Sehr gerne. Danke für das Interesse.

  3. hey johanna

    intrestingly...donnu how i bumped in to your blog,would love to hear your view and experiences in our country..and hope u have a comfortable stay..

    maicheal mathew

    1. Thanks so much for your interest. India is an amazing and unique country! It was nothing I ever experienced before which made it sometimes also rather difficult but I loved it nevertheless.
      My impression is that it's really complex and a lot doesn't work the way I'm used too so it will take some more time and understanding to open a bit more up to this unique culture and way of living.