Samstag, 31. März 2012

Flea Market

We (A Friend of mine and me) went to the flea market today. We had it scheduled long long ago, somewhere in our deep-learning-phase and we made it as a motivation and as something to look forward too.
It was a hit. I found more than I had hoped to find.
I loved it even if it was freezing (And freezing means:drizzle plus wind plus cold= eeeeks!).

As always you can't bring home all those amazing things...
I wish I could have bought those:

 What I actually bought:

They are not all flea-market-founds (The "Deko" Ribbon and blue fabric was store bought)
And outtakes...

It was cold! And now it's cold and windy. But who cares...

I also feel sort of dizzy. It might be the fact that sleep is ways down in importance for the last week or so. Or maybe it's the weather. Or maybe something else. Who knows.
Only thing I know is that some serious work waits for me tomorrow. And there won't be any excuses! Nope! Not a single one! (Note to myself!!!!!!!)

Freitag, 30. März 2012

Friday photos

I love the way that Life at my age still holds so many possibilities to turn to "One of my most amazing..." days/weeks/moments...
This week was definitely one of my "Most amazing weeks" ever.
I had "One of the best nights" yesterday. And "two of my most exciting and confusing" days as well. Life is awesome.

I know that emotions don't last long...but as long as they'll last I'll enjoy them.

Here we go

And made with a friend of mine:

Mobile sleeves. Left side is hers, right side mine. I just needed a new one.
I helped her with the formal sewing stuff but the idea and hand sewing part is all her work! Isn't it awesome?! And so easy and fast!
Have a wonderful Friday.
(How-to-do-it will follow...)

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Learning from life II

Warning: This post might not be totally rational. More honest. Ok. Totally emotional.
So you are warned.

Never. Ever. Buy a cactus, which looks harmless. Never. I did it. I spend 20 minutes removing itzy bitzy tiny needles (about 30!) from my fingers.
Never. Ever. Again.

Ok. I needed to say that.
I feel better now. I know that I'm feeble. Hey. I'm not used to have cactus needles in my fingers.

The reason for all of this was, that I actually found a large glass for my terrarium-project. Just like the before (and before that) I went into the garden and randomly picked greens and succulents. This time it turned out I had picked greens that actually grow up to 60cm.
I planned to remove them again but I just like them the way they are and maybe maybe they'll just stay the size they are? Maybe...? (I know it won't happen but anyway)
Before I decided to leave them I bought those cactus plant. Here we are.

Here we go. The bad guy:

and this is were it ended. I'm not fussy. Well...I didn't touch it again. I used wooden sticks...

So if you want a cactus: Look for the one with the big needles!

Ok. Visible is enough...

We'll look how tall they'll get
Some other stuff:
Our magnolia is blooming. I love it. And my cherry-tree-branch as well.

Now I have about four terraria (Is that right?) standing around. I think that's enough. At least for now.

Teoman's Zitronenkuchen Rezept

Zuallererst muss ich sagen, dass ich eigentlich gar keinen Zitronenkuchen mag. Oder Muffins. Oder Cupcakes.
Aaaber: Dieses Rezept bildet eine Ausnahme. 
Meine Mama hat es auf einem ihrer Kindergeburtstage aufgesammelt. Der Junge dem der tolle Kuchen gehört (alles verziert mit blauem Zuckerguss, Piratenschiff inklusive!) hieß Teoman. Daher der Name...

Das Rezpt geht einfach, schnell und ist definitviv ein Lieblingsrezept geworden. Sooo wunderbar saftig, locker und lecker. Was will man mehr?!


250gr Butter mit einer großen Tasse Zucker schaumig schlagen. (Das original Rezept verlangt 2 Tassen. Wir haben hier gekürzt) 3 Eier dazurühren.

Dazu: 1 Päckchen Vanillezucker, 1 Päckchen Backpulver, eine Prise Salz und ein Fäschchen Zitronenaroma (geriebene Zitronenschale passt bestimmt auch noch gut dazu).
Weiterverühren mit 3 Tassen Mehl (auch hier wieder eine Ergänzung: Wir haben ersetzt: 1 Tasse Mehl durch 1 Tasse gemahlene Mandeln) und zum Schluss (oder auch schon währenddessen) 300gr saure Sahne dazugeben.

In Förmchen (oder die Kuchenform) füllen und bei 170°C 40-45 Minuten backen. Ich glaube, dass diese Zeit für den Kuchen vorhergesehen war. Meine Muffins waren nach 15-20 Minuten fertig. Einfach eine Runde den Stäbchentest  machen :)

Verzieren und genießen.
(Am besten davor abkühlen lassen.)

So sahen sie bei mir zum Schluss aus.
Ganz viel Spaß und Freude beim Backen wünsche ich :) Und ich entschuldige mich für die vielen Klammern. Es ist doch ein sehr klammriger Post geworden...

Nach den Nachfragen viel mir auf das ich tatsächlich vergessen hatte das Frosting zu erwähnen (ups). Also, was da auf den Cupcakes sitzt ist Creamcheese frosting (in meinem fall rosa und weiß gemixt (sieht man leider nicht sehr deutlich)). Mein Rezept kommt aus einem Australischen Kochbuch aber nach ein bisschen Recherche im Internet hab ich ein einfaches Creamcheese frosting gefunden (das den gleichen Aufbau hat wie meins) und (letztens gemacht, allerdings für einen anderen Kuchen) ein white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Das Konzept ist im Grunde bei allen gleich!

Anmixen, in einen Spritzbeutel und verzieren :)
(Vorsicht: Frosting macht süchtig!!)

Montag, 26. März 2012

Photo of the day

It stands quiet beautiful

Our Craft Project yesterday. Two little boys and me (we did it but we're Not displayed! Though I would'nt mind a crown...)

Terrarium the second

I'm totally in to it. Like totally.
Terrarium here I come. (Though they are still mini-sized...)

And this is how I solved my hanging-problem:

Fix those loops around your glass/bottle/.... Pull tight. Wrap the remaining twine around and tie a knot.

I love it. All this green.
By the way: When I say "Garden work" (like somewhere in my last post) I should get more specific:
Garden work means watering the plants.
Watering the plants for me means: Look out for nice and green stuff and water it.
I'm not really specific in my watering-actions but still proud of it.
(Maybe one reason for my I'm-always-killing-plants-problem....?)

Samstag, 24. März 2012

A certain week

Ach heute ist mir nicht nach Englisch zumute :)
Das die Woche vorbei ist, ist immer noch schwer zu glauben...

Was mich am Donnerstag vor Mathe verabschiedet hat:

Und das ist was mich von der Schule verabschiedete am Freitag. (Nach einer einzigen Stunde!)

Und damit ist auch endgültig der Frühling da. Mit Sonnenschein, blauem Himmel, 20°C und dem Gefühl die Welt umarmen zu können...wenn nur die Arme lang genug wären :)

Und zum Frühling gehören Spaziergänge. Und lustige Aktion wie spontane Fluss-Läufe..

Welch eine außergewöhnliche Woche. Ich hoffe ihr könnt das Leben auch genießen. Ich wünsche eine wunderwunderwundervollen Rest-Samstag :)

Meine Woche...

I wish I could have taken this big big suitcase, deep cleaned it and repainted it. But it was just too heavy...



After all the exhaustion left I just have to say: I'm absolutely happy. 
Oh happy happy life.
All this green and joy. All those possibilities I'm going to try...and..oh...this wonderful amazing parachute jump I'll do soon (Three million "thank you"'s to my aunt, who will actually do it with me! Isn't she amazing????)

Freitag, 23. März 2012

Learning from life

I learned a lot in life so far. But I think the most important lesson was about authenticity. It's that what you are. You have to stand behind what you do. Otherwise it won't be it.
Easy. Nevertheless it was a hard lesson.

I think a huge part of growing up is about to learn something by watching. You watch as a child. You watch while you grow. Everything I've learned, I saw somewhere. But during all this watching, somehow there will be you. And it will always be more than just last time.
For me, authenticity is about learning to still watch but, at the same time, become you.

I struggle with it most of the times. There are so many people worth admiring out there and I'm far from anything like perfect. But I have to accept that what makes those people unique is there authenticity and you can't copy that. You can't learn it by watching. You have to be it.

So hopefully there will be a little bit more of "being" from day to day and some day I just want to be.

tiny little me

Donnerstag, 22. März 2012


More later. Math wasn't that great and I just need some time to really grap it that this is it. My written Exam.

Ich habe mein schriftliches Abitur geschrieben. Das muss erstmal einsinken.

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

The satisfaction of earth under your nails

Yep. Satisfaction.
I totally forgot how good it feels. For years!

Last time I played with mud (and can remember it) was when my parents did their afternoon nap. Our balcony door was open. We were bored. We had a ton full of water outside. And earth.
Quietly and quick we went outside.
We managed to transform half of our garden, the balcony and us in a pile of mud-soaked happiness in less than half an hour. Happiness until my parents waked up. End of the story.

I have to confess I wasn't so much into the hole garden stuff for the last couple of years. It's just not motivating if every single green thing dies that belongs to you (happened to me all the time).

Until last year. I bought a plant for little money at IKEA thinking, if it would die it wouldn't be that horrible.
However it survived. I even had to change its flowerpot because it became to big for the old one. Victory!

I went one collecting branches watching them bloom.
Before this becomes too sentimental. I moved on to love green.

One of my branches actually started having roots. Today I transferred it to the garden .

Earth under your nails

Hopefully it will grow into something big

I also made a little terrarium for myself. I've planned a big one for some time but just did not find the right glass yet. And because it was so beautiful outside (and my mind would not stay with math) I sneaked one of our drinking glasses out of the kitchen and made my way into our garden.

Tomorrow is my last writting exam. Back to studying.

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

DIY: Little Magnet Boards

The sun is shining outside (though we have like 2°C) and I'm ready to manage the last bit of learning: Math!
My exam will be on Thursday. I'll survive.
Any way. My recent craft activity. (I'm not able to form appropriate sentences this morning. Sorry)

Little magnet boards.
I got my round metal boards by buying my little magnets (e.g.: I used some for my bottle cap magnets) and saved them for...well something :)
Something like little tiny magnet boards. It's absolutely easy and a quick craft as well.

You'll need:

- Metal (any size and shape will work)
- fabric
- scissors
- glue (my super master glue)
- hooks (I sneaked mine out of my mums studio)

Cut the fabric to a size larger than your metal sheet (I cut mine ways too generous. I do that when I'm upset...) and glue them to the fabric. Important! Don't use too much glue. Or: Use so much that you can cover the whole "outside" with it. My problem is: I want my fabric still to like soft fabric. If I'd used too much glue it would soak through the fabric and give it a hard and shiny appearance.

Cut more closely around. Now cut right to the metal.

Glue (You can use as much glue as you want. It actually seals it) and apply your hook. Easy peasy :)
After I finished my first one I had the Idea to cover all those ugly endings with just another circle of fabric. You can do it before or after applying the hook. Or just skip it.

Let it dry!

Hang on your wall and admire your work.

You could also use Masking tape. Or Blackboard paint. Or scrapbook paper...there are just endless ideas. Maybe I should open a magnet board market. Or a blog dedicated to magnet boards ;)

Montag, 19. März 2012

My Monday

The day I defeated my second exam (can you defeat an exam? Sounds strange. I certainly can!)

My weapons

My ally
Well she's good in relaxing. Everybody needs that, right?!

Power shoes. (I do believe in stuff like that...)

After my battle at school. There was one, a totaly different league....

...but I won that one too!

All in all I'm totally exhausted but happy in a good way. A little bit sad but happy. And with a wonderful sunset I wish everyone a good night.

By the way. I know that my posts don't go deep like in deep-meaning-ways. I certainly have some deep thoughts apart of my trying-to-make-my-days-funny-thoughts. 

When I was a kid (like small small) I always thought grown-ups (and 19 belonged to this category like totally) walk around all day thinking deep thoughts.
Well. Being 19 (and having discovered that it is not totally-grown-up) I found out it's not all about the deep thoughts. I would even go so far and say that this won't change much the next years. 
Point is. Deep thoughts come as enlightenments (at least to me) and I made up one notebook just for all those deep deep thoughts (I tend to forget them pretty quick. Also you can never ever have enough pretty looking notebooks!).
The rest of my time I'll happily spent with light, fun, joyful and refreshing thoughts wondering about how weird the world of grown-up looked, back when I was a child.