Montag, 19. März 2012

My Monday

The day I defeated my second exam (can you defeat an exam? Sounds strange. I certainly can!)

My weapons

My ally
Well she's good in relaxing. Everybody needs that, right?!

Power shoes. (I do believe in stuff like that...)

After my battle at school. There was one, a totaly different league....

...but I won that one too!

All in all I'm totally exhausted but happy in a good way. A little bit sad but happy. And with a wonderful sunset I wish everyone a good night.

By the way. I know that my posts don't go deep like in deep-meaning-ways. I certainly have some deep thoughts apart of my trying-to-make-my-days-funny-thoughts. 

When I was a kid (like small small) I always thought grown-ups (and 19 belonged to this category like totally) walk around all day thinking deep thoughts.
Well. Being 19 (and having discovered that it is not totally-grown-up) I found out it's not all about the deep thoughts. I would even go so far and say that this won't change much the next years. 
Point is. Deep thoughts come as enlightenments (at least to me) and I made up one notebook just for all those deep deep thoughts (I tend to forget them pretty quick. Also you can never ever have enough pretty looking notebooks!).
The rest of my time I'll happily spent with light, fun, joyful and refreshing thoughts wondering about how weird the world of grown-up looked, back when I was a child.

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