Dienstag, 20. März 2012

DIY: Little Magnet Boards

The sun is shining outside (though we have like 2°C) and I'm ready to manage the last bit of learning: Math!
My exam will be on Thursday. I'll survive.
Any way. My recent craft activity. (I'm not able to form appropriate sentences this morning. Sorry)

Little magnet boards.
I got my round metal boards by buying my little magnets (e.g.: I used some for my bottle cap magnets) and saved them for...well something :)
Something like little tiny magnet boards. It's absolutely easy and a quick craft as well.

You'll need:

- Metal (any size and shape will work)
- fabric
- scissors
- glue (my super master glue)
- hooks (I sneaked mine out of my mums studio)

Cut the fabric to a size larger than your metal sheet (I cut mine ways too generous. I do that when I'm upset...) and glue them to the fabric. Important! Don't use too much glue. Or: Use so much that you can cover the whole "outside" with it. My problem is: I want my fabric still to like soft fabric. If I'd used too much glue it would soak through the fabric and give it a hard and shiny appearance.

Cut more closely around. Now cut right to the metal.

Glue (You can use as much glue as you want. It actually seals it) and apply your hook. Easy peasy :)
After I finished my first one I had the Idea to cover all those ugly endings with just another circle of fabric. You can do it before or after applying the hook. Or just skip it.

Let it dry!

Hang on your wall and admire your work.

You could also use Masking tape. Or Blackboard paint. Or scrapbook paper...there are just endless ideas. Maybe I should open a magnet board market. Or a blog dedicated to magnet boards ;)