Freitag, 30. März 2012

Friday photos

I love the way that Life at my age still holds so many possibilities to turn to "One of my most amazing..." days/weeks/moments...
This week was definitely one of my "Most amazing weeks" ever.
I had "One of the best nights" yesterday. And "two of my most exciting and confusing" days as well. Life is awesome.

I know that emotions don't last long...but as long as they'll last I'll enjoy them.

Here we go

And made with a friend of mine:

Mobile sleeves. Left side is hers, right side mine. I just needed a new one.
I helped her with the formal sewing stuff but the idea and hand sewing part is all her work! Isn't it awesome?! And so easy and fast!
Have a wonderful Friday.
(How-to-do-it will follow...)

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