Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Our Garden

At the weekend (apart from my learning) I managed to go outside and help my brother with the garden. We had a few minutes of sun. However even without sun, gardening is fun.
And I think our garden has character. At least at some places.

It just totally calms me.

Something different. I went to see my father on Thursday. He mentioned he started to go through all his stuff and found a few things he thought I might be interested in. Ok not interested but thrilled. At least for some of them.
The first thing he gave me where my first four teeth I lost. It's strange to see those tiny teeth and think that they actually belonged to me at some place.
The second one was a photo of the thing they took out of me at my first operation . I had an Ilius at the age of 1 and a half. This thing kills you. It was my luck that my father is a doctor and somehow guessed after several days what it was. He drove me straight to the hospital. The operation begun right away. It's something I can't remember. I see the pictures of my tiny self, all tired, tiny, thin. But it's not something I actually connect with myself. The only thing that stayed is my scar at my belly. Right under my bellybutton. It grew with me.

The last thing, and the one I was most thrilled to receive, is what I think is my first diary ever. It was made by my former best-friends mum. She wrote about what we did, talked about, ate...during a vacation I did with them. And I glued stuff inside or draw pictures.
It was 1999.
1999 that sounds like it belongs into a history book or so.

It's wonderful and strange to see all those things that are connected with my life. It somehow reminds me that I'm actually living just now, and what stays are only memories. But I think the present is just fine.
Go one and make the best out of it!

Uhhh something totally unrelated I forgot: I'm craving for sweets at the moment. Anything. As much as possible. Do you think this is because of my exams?
I hope it passes though. I don't want to gain too many sweet pounds ;)

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