Samstag, 17. März 2012

One down...

...two to go!

It was crazy. After all it was my mum who was the excited one. Not me! (didn't make it any better for me though).
Sitting the exam was not as bad as I had feared. I gave my best. Hopefully it's enough.
The rest of my day was spent in being wonderfully lazy. No textbooks. No notes. Nothing. Instead I finished the first book I bought on my kindle (!!!!!! I know. How amazing is that!? More on it later), went for a bike ride and for a walk with my mum through the fields in the evening.
It's so nice to feel the warmth of the sun again.To smell spring. (Including barbecues, flowers, bees...I love it!).
I didn't notice how much I had missed it until yesterday when the sun finally came out.
Now only the green has to start coming back again and my life will be awesome!
And only six more days and I'll be through with all my written exams. That's something to look for!

Wonderful Saturday to everyone. And that's for my week.

If you have some spare fun time: Try this link. It's a really cool colour game....not that I had tested it or so...

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