Samstag, 31. März 2012

Flea Market

We (A Friend of mine and me) went to the flea market today. We had it scheduled long long ago, somewhere in our deep-learning-phase and we made it as a motivation and as something to look forward too.
It was a hit. I found more than I had hoped to find.
I loved it even if it was freezing (And freezing means:drizzle plus wind plus cold= eeeeks!).

As always you can't bring home all those amazing things...
I wish I could have bought those:

 What I actually bought:

They are not all flea-market-founds (The "Deko" Ribbon and blue fabric was store bought)
And outtakes...

It was cold! And now it's cold and windy. But who cares...

I also feel sort of dizzy. It might be the fact that sleep is ways down in importance for the last week or so. Or maybe it's the weather. Or maybe something else. Who knows.
Only thing I know is that some serious work waits for me tomorrow. And there won't be any excuses! Nope! Not a single one! (Note to myself!!!!!!!)

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