Montag, 5. März 2012

My Monday

Monday is normally the busiest day of my week. I hate to start with busy. But on the other hand, it feels good to look back at something you accomplished!

My Monday:
- Wake up at 5:31 AM. At least this is when my buzzer starts. I normally stay in bed for another 20 minutes or so, daydreaming about a world where I could just rest in bed
- Morning stuff, looking after my cat, breakfast, school stuff and at about 7:30 AM off to school (I know this seems like a long period. It's not. Trust me)
- School from 7:45 until 3:15 PM
- back home at about 3:30 PM. This is normally when I take a short break. Look through my mails, read some blogs or, like today, repaint my nails because they got destroyed in our art class (Your remember: Lots and lots of colour and heaps of coincidence)
- Than: Homework/learning and some last piano practise because...
- at 5:30 (or as today 4:45) I have my piano lessons
- back at 5:30/6:15 PM
- dinner
- more schoolwork or funny stuff like crafts, reading, movies, family, my cat etc.

Busy. Just as I said.
But not always in a bad way ;)

Our eyes look funny. But apart of that I like this picture
left side: A good friend of mine :)

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