Freitag, 23. März 2012

Learning from life

I learned a lot in life so far. But I think the most important lesson was about authenticity. It's that what you are. You have to stand behind what you do. Otherwise it won't be it.
Easy. Nevertheless it was a hard lesson.

I think a huge part of growing up is about to learn something by watching. You watch as a child. You watch while you grow. Everything I've learned, I saw somewhere. But during all this watching, somehow there will be you. And it will always be more than just last time.
For me, authenticity is about learning to still watch but, at the same time, become you.

I struggle with it most of the times. There are so many people worth admiring out there and I'm far from anything like perfect. But I have to accept that what makes those people unique is there authenticity and you can't copy that. You can't learn it by watching. You have to be it.

So hopefully there will be a little bit more of "being" from day to day and some day I just want to be.

tiny little me


  1. ...but you're pretty close to perfect. and definitely authentic. and you ARE you! you unique thing!! <3

    i absolutely admire you and you know that. i wrote something about you. do you want to read it? :)

  2. gosh. I've blushed like a tomato xD of course I want to read it ;P