Sonntag, 4. März 2012

DIY on Sunday (Notes)

Work work work!
So you just get DIY projects ;)

This one happened back in February while I did my Diary Photos and noticed: My address book was the only one not plastered with fabric or paper or other stuff.
I was sort of proud that there was actually something I accomplished not to design.

Yes. I was proud. But it did not last for long. Just the next day I discovered a really cute ribbon...and my plain address book was history.

I still like it though.

Remodel your plain dress book:
You'll need:
- address book (mine was actually a moleskin notebook. I had it for several years and two years ago (or so) I was insane enough to cut all those little a,b,c-tags out of the side from the page. Crazy)
- white paper
- ribbon/masking tape/ fabric
- glue
- scissors
- label (My label was removed from my old jeans. It just had an "&" on it (for H&M).)
- needle and a thread of your choice

First cut a paper stripe of the size of your ribbon/tape (or cut paper and fabric the same size).
Glue on your paper first.
Than your ribbon.
You can cut it on the edges or, just as I did, flip it around the edge. It did not bother me that there was some ribbon ends which you could see at the inside.
If it does bother you: For my little notebooks I just added (after all the flipping-around was done) a paper, cut to the size of the paper from your notebook, and covered the first page with it so all those ends were covered.

I did a little bit of embroidery. This is optional (And please don't judge me after my embroidery. I'm well aware that it's not perfect. It was my first one anyway and I can live perfectly well without perfect)
Glue your label on.

And that's it :)

Because I had a student calender for the last four years (and those go only from school year to school year. So mine will end in August) I added some sort of calender to the inside of my address/note book/calender.
I liked its simplicity. And the round design was inspired by all those rocks we collected back in our holidays.

for those of you who wonder why my book suddenly has this head. This is what it was leaning on. Made by my mum :)


  1. ich finde die Einfachheit der Kalenderseiten auch toll! Mensch, du bist ja fleißig! Aber das tut neben dem Lernen ganz gut auch mal was andres zu machen, gell?! ;) wie geht deine mappe voran?

  2. das beste was man neben dem lernen machen kann ;)
    joa...ich bin ein bisschen unsicher was ich reinmachen soll :( es ist ja nicht kunst sondern Design?! Also weiß ich nicht nach was geschaut wird. Und ein paar arbeiten hab ich noch geplant. die werden aber erst nach dem abi gemacht :)
    Bei dir alles ok?