Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Sometimes it's just the little

When I wander around in blogger land I read big stories and small stories. Stories about children, about loss, about a happy event or about something that made someone sad and who shares it, so this sad event will loose its importance.
But all this stories tell me about someones life. Something that seemed import to someone. Even if it was just a walk someone did or something someone purchased. I'm happy to read those stories. To appreciate those stories (even if I rarely leave comments. I mean. Not everything need to be commented)

What I really love about blogs is that you spent your life more attentive. You discover the beauty in small things (and there is always beauty to find!)
For example your notice the wind howl around your house (The wind is doing it certainly with my house). I think of my brother who, hopefully, will return save from his fight class (WingTsun...I don't know how to spell it).

And you notice how wonderful your room looks when it's flooded with sunlight in the morning. So calm. So peaceful.
Sometimes it's just the little.

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