Samstag, 10. März 2012

DIY: Bracelets

Still drowned in work, another easy peasy tutorial:

Make your own bracelets. (I don't know what's there normal/common name)
There are tutorials pretty much everywhere. I made mine up by looking at a bracelet I already had (given as a present by my brother). So it's really easy :)

You need this:

I love these...

- nylon thread
- needle
- scissors
- leather/ or any other band
- pearls (any)
- crimp beads (two)
- tongs

First make two holes into your leather band after you folded it half. Leave some free space (this will end up being you fastener)

 Start with your first pearl.
It will have to look like this:

Now, just as the arrows assume, thread cross wise through the pearl again.


 Continue with more pearls...

When crossing the nylon thread, make sure to finish it behind your leather band so after that you can pull the thread up from behind the band making a little loop (this fastens the pearls, seen in the pictures).

I finished my row with those golden tube-like pearls. Tiny pearls just hold their shape better than those big ones. On the other hand. It took me like 6 minutes with the big ones. And like one hour for a bracelet where I used tiny ones.
Btw: you just go with the tube-pearls like with the big ones.
cross threading....

Finish it by making two holes again. Instead of threading another pearl, go through the holes at each side. The next step should look like this:

First, one of the crimp beads at each side, than one ending pearl for both.
Go through the crimp bead again (this time with the other thread. It's like outstretching your cross) and  squeeze. Cut off the remaining nylon thread.
Tie a knot with the leather band. Ready!

I hope it was not too confusing. It's really really easy so just give it a try :)

And that's how reality actually looks like:
learning, learning, learning...I'm so glad it's over (at least the first round) in less than two weeks...


  1. aw, das mit den goldenen langen Perlchen find ich toll!
    Liebe Grüße, Johanna

  2. Die Armbänder sehen total super aus!!! Das mit den goldenen langen Perlen gefällt mir auch am besten :-)
    Jetzt habe ich auch endlich mal gesehen wie der Verschluss gemacht ist! Muss ich jetzt unbedingt auch mal ausprobieren. Danke für die schöne Inspiration :-)))
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Wow, ganz schön viel Arbeit aber sehr schön!
    Liebste Grüße, Franzi Ska