Samstag, 29. September 2012

I'm still here {autumn's knocking on the door}

The past week has been a bit quiet (which is due to me being a bit of a mess). I had some tough things going on, things which put me down  and made me sad and things that took me off balance. But it's getting better now so you'll get updates soon ;)

Waiting at the bus stop...
shoes and jumper ♥
all those little in-between-streets...last meters before home....
Vancouver has changed over the last two weeks. Autumn walked in and waved its goodbyes to summer (It smells like autumn now every morning!) I love it. The mixture of wet earth, changing leaves, fresh air, a bit sea, a bit mountains, a bit of gray sky and this crisp feeling which you only get in autumn. It also means wearing more jumpers and sweaters and less T-shirts but I'm fine with that (especially since I bought myself a wonderfully over sized fluffy jumper last Friday!)

walking a little longer...
if it isn't red or orange or's green ;)
did I ever mention that I have something for old and rusty cars...?!
School is still fun, our Starbucks (or for a change: Blenz (one of the thousand brands of Canadian coffee shops)) visits increase and I'm probably drinking too much coffee (since people just have to hear my name and immediately think of coffee) but I think this also just fits perfectly with Vancouver and autumn. 

Tomorrow I'll be up early, renting a car with a friend of mine and discovering Canada another way. Post on Monday ;)
So I wish everyone a nice, relaxing and rain free weekend ;)

and because another weeks passed (again) my weekly instagram addiction
nails (though they change often...), Pizza hut Pizza for the first time in my life!, good morning sun and mountains and endless blue sky, Mexican on Tuesday, cheesecake on Thursday, new nails and pen drawings, brownies for someones addiction (not mine (this time)!), calendar, sun on my feet...enjoy it as long as you can!

Oh! And I totally forgot the best!!!
    ~                                     a                                         ~
I love my host family! :)

A desk for Jo ♥

Montag, 24. September 2012

Mein Zimmer {Zwischenbericht}

Seit letzter Woche Freitag hat sich auch langsam das Wetter der Jahreszeit angepasst und wir kriegen langsam das Vancouver zu sehen, vor dem uns alle zu Hause "gewarnt" haben ;) (Grauer Himmel, Nebel über den Bergen, Dunkel...nur nass war es noch nicht wirklich...)

Ganz wichtig, dass frau da einen schönen Raum hat in dem sie sich zurückziehen kann (hier noch bei Sonnenschein)!

Es hat etwas gedauert aber inzwischen bin ich sehr glücklich mit dem Ergebnis. Zum Vergleich: Das war eines meiner ersten Bilder von meinem Raum:

Die Fotos an der Wand bringen mich morgens zum lachen, wenn die versammelte Mannschaft mich angrinst und zum Glück ist überall noch Platz zum erweitern und weiterhin kreativ bleiben (für alle die mich kennen, die Geschwindigkeit in der mein Zimmer sich verändert hat sich auch hier gehalten ;))

kleine mini Pflanzen...grün muss sein!
Mein "Schreibtisch". Die meiste Zeit sitze ich dann doch auf dem Bett
Wofür Starbucksflaschen nicht alles gut sein können ;)
an der Stelle sollte ich aber gestehen, dass diese Pflanze bereits das zeitliche gesegnet hat...ich und grün...naja ich gebe mein Bestes!
Kätzchen und mein Lego-Ich :) (mit Kaffeetasse!!!!)
Damit ein bisschen Grün auf jeden Fall bleibt...wird ein bisschen nachgeholfen
Und meistens braucht man nicht mehr als ein bisschen Schnur und ein Paar alte Chop-sticks ;)
Mir schwirren noch viele Ideen im Kopf herum. Einige werden wahrscheinlich noch umgesetzt, andere werde ich mich für einen späteren Zeitpunkt und einen anderen Ort aufheben. Aber so bleibt zumindestens alles immer schön im Wandel ;)

Ich wünsche einen wundervollen Start in die Woche :)

Samstag, 22. September 2012

DIY: Instagram Photo diary

Another little DIY in between which I prepared back home.
I love journaling. Writing my diary sort of helps me to get my mind organized. And it's also the best thing you can take with you home from any trip!
Anyway. What I really was aiming for: I love to take pictures. And since I got a decent mobile phone this year(♥), things got even worse. I then discovered Instagram...good bye dear world without taking pictures every single day (ask people. I'm totally annoying with that. And I get those questions a lot: "Are you really taking a picture of your food (../feet's/meal/hand/place/....)"
Yep. I do!

However (I got carried away again) I have to do something with all my pictures. So for my last trip I made an Instagram Photo album/ diary. Here we go:

  • take as many pictures as you want
  • organize them (I used Picasa. Simple collages of 6 pictures per page)
  • make your diary/album
You'll need:
Printed photo pages, masking tape, sharpie marker, glue
The concept is quite easy:

  1. Assemble two pages by gluing them together back against back
  2. Apply masking tape to the "inner" side 
  3. Add to another pages "inner" side
  4. Turn page and repeat
After you did this with all your pages it should look like this:

Finish it with masking tape, applied to the back of your book.
With my sharpie I went through all the pages and added little quotes or memories I had. This way I'll remember events more clearly and it's also fun for friends, who look through your albums.
Enjoy ;)

...I'll probably end up doing this every Holiday from now on. I'll certainly do it for my 167-Days-In-Canada Photo challenge.

...or if you want: Use your pictures for a photo clutch or instagram bookmarks ;)

Freitag, 21. September 2012

One day off

Take one day off
Time to recharge
To find your balance again
And eventually paint your nails...colourful!

Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Photo of the day {yesterday}

Day 38: At Colleen's after boot camp classes
Since we feel like every day could be the last nice one (before it starts to be cold, dark and depressing...oh I forgot the rain...) we spent every minute we can outside. So hiking and parks to a maximum. (So just that you know what's happening)

And I dropped a bowl today at my host families house...I feel bad now...

And: One of my friends had a bear in his backyard yesterday!!!!!
(So just that you know: Jep! We so do have bears here!!!)

Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

My Tuesday {Pick a day for hiking}

I know, I'm sort of random with my blog titles right now. But the title always turns out to be the most challenging part for me. Sounds weird, I know...
Things have been a bit messy lately but this too shall pass. So as long as it doesn't, I'm all for Oreo McFlurry's with hot Fudge sauce and a change of perspective.

Otherwise, things in general have slowed down a bit I have adjusted to general things quite well by now so it doesn't feel as confusing anymore as it might did in the beginning. 

My bus in the morning. School.And my paintball bruises have nearly disappeared!!
Since we're having a wonderful Indian summer, right now, every minute possible is spent outside...even if it means taking a bus again ;)

So Tuesday means: A trip to Deep Cove

Bus (for faaar to long...), buying the best donuts in the world so there's something to look forward too...not just hiking ;)
Let's start..somewhere down in the woods. Doesn't it look just beautiful?!
Well, they do look like some motivated hikers, don't they!? :)
-"What are you doing..?" -"Showing you the way!" 
And we so did arrive at the top! (Someone has too much energy left...!!)
View ♥
Donut break ;)
And so just we can make sure I really was there as well ;) Walking, resting (high high in the sky...) and walking again :)
Sorry for the picture quality. I didn't bring my camera this time so we had to work with my phone. I wish you all a wonderful day :)

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

DIY: Clothespins-bag

Our next door neighbours have this funny clothesline. When I first arrived I had this though about my dreams when I was a kid in which you would use such a line to carry little notes from one window to another (or chocolate, or toys, or little feathers found somewhere in the woods). As a kid I always wanted to have such a thing. But a) there was no window I could have sent mails to and b) I wouldn't have been able to built one...I guess....
Anyway. Looking at the clothesline made me think of a recent DIY I did for my mum and since it was really easy (I didn't think it would be that easy actually) and fun to do and practical I thought I might just share it with you as well ;)

Here we go!
Make your own clothespins-bag

You'll need:
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • coathanger
  • something to sew
I used our old clothepin-bag as a template (The actual hanger-thing was broken) and made a sketch on how I thought it would work.

Looks logical, doesn't it?!
So, you have to cut:
One big front-and-bag-piece (Stoff 2) and one small front-piece (Stoff 1). The size will depend on the size of your coathanger.
    Start with seaming both ends of both fabrics.

Then, assemble both pieces (picture one). Only sew about one quarter of the line at both ends (see arrows).
Fold your (no one) piece half, right sides together, and sew at both sides up to the top. Leave the top open (see arrows).
Cut, turn inside out and add your coathanger. And you're done :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Freitag, 14. September 2012

Frage-Foto-Freitag {Mitte September}

Freitags fünf Fragen....

1.) Ein Outfit, in dem dir nichts passieren kann?
Spitze und Jeans

2.) Entdeckt?

Endlichendlichendlich einen in meiner Nähe!

3.) So hübsch?

Meine Lieblingsperspektive ;) diesem fall auf meine hübschen neuen günstigen Ballerinas ♥

4.) Blätterst du am Wochenende?

Mein kindle

5.) Was planst du Schönes?

Meine neue Farbe auszuführen...erst zum Girls-Sushi-Date und danach zum Wandern in die Berge :)
Das erste Mal mit dabei und die anderen gibt es hier ;)
Und das macht auch das erste Mal zwei Blogprojekte hintereinander! Dafür gibt's als nächstes mal wieder was zum selber machen :)