Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

DIY: Shoe Makeover II

So. I brought four pairs of shoes to Canada. One pair of Flip flops, one pair of ballerinas and two pairs of trainers. One pair was only for the purpose of getting coloured at the Color Me Rad since it did not really fit me anymore. The other one was, well, my all-around-three-season-shoe-pair-for-Canada. Turned out I need this pair of shoes a lot. So much that I had to buy another one since dust and dirt does not come in handy at school or while going shopping.

Anyway. I didn't want to spent a lot of money so I went for the easy option:
Buy a pair of cheap shoes. Craft and Upgrade :P

It turned out ok I guess. I especially love them when I wear them and after all, they are 14$ shoes so who cares?! ;)

So if you attempt a cheap shoe upgrade you'll need:
  • (cheap) shoes
  • fabric
  • glue
  • fabric paint
  • additional: Go for glitter (always good! Ribbons, real doilies, lace....) 
     Easy peasy lemon squeezy: Apply your fabric (for more details just check my last shoe post). Paint with your markers. Let dry and follow your specific paint instructions.

     See the world with new! ;)

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    1. How absolutely nice they are! I don't have the skills to do it too.
      But I want to try!!!!!!!!!
      A bunch of German kisses ;)