Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Sunday {Deep cove}

I'm still not finished with weekend-posts, but since it was a long one I think it's sort of ok ;)

So. After my Berry Saturday we set up Deep cove with friends for Sunday. Which means: Bus, sea bus, bus, change, bus. We do love public transportation...sort of....

Just like everything else here it is water and woods. But the water is really clear and you can get some kayaks if you want. And if you're clever enough to dress appropriate (which means: Don't wear long jeans and trainers on a hot and sunny day!...we did)

Being Asian...
Streets and houses
Well the question is: Is this really a trail??
So after having lunch on a bench and some walking, we were sort of stuck on what to do. Hiking had not really worked out (hint: trail above. Turned out we had missed the real one) and kayaking was not really an option (hint: clothes). Anyway. On our attempt to find a place where we could have lunch again we found out that deep cove actually has a really cute street packed with nice shops and awesome food.
So, If you are ever going to go to deep cove try out this cafe and Lala and ;)

Sandwiches. Quote - "If I'm ever going to be depressed and it's raining, I'll just grab my kindle and come out here to have a donut and a coffee...and everything will be ok" - "Call me if you do that"
And that one is for my mum: Guess what I bought ;)

However eating is nice, you can't do it all the time you so can! We just did it. So we headed back early. Not every day has to end late. And did I mention how much we love public transportation on Sundays?!

"I miss having a car..."

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