Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Places to go {Deep cove}

If you ever end up at Deep Cove, you sure should have a look at this places!


Delicious sandwiches and soups. A cosy and warm atmosphere and really really awesome pastries. Located on Gallant Ave. just shortly before Lala's 
Maple glazed Doughnut (The best I ever had)
No pictures from the inside but I guess you get a glimpse on what it's like. Cozy, warm, personal and after all I think all those people say enough :)


This one is my favourite. It's a collection of things in a little, beautiful designed, store with really friendly people working there (Thanks for all the photos I were allowed to do) . I would have bought everything if I'd have the money to do so...
{4389 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1L1 Canada, Deep Cove}
And here's the link to their shop
(You should check out their page. First: You'll understand why I love this shop so much (hint: All those lovely products) and second: They also have a blog!!)
And I certainly fell in love with those suitcases
I love simple mixed with some pearls to make it fancy
This one was a favourite if mine. All the cards were sorted by occasion and every little drawer had its own occasion


A cute and colourful shop with a bit of everything. Shoes, jewelry, creams, presents, cards or just simply some sketching books or journals.
{4381 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1L1}

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  1. ah, ich wäre jetzt auch gerne in einem bunten, schönen Laden...hach ja... der blog von room6 ist toll! <3