Samstag, 22. September 2012

DIY: Instagram Photo diary

Another little DIY in between which I prepared back home.
I love journaling. Writing my diary sort of helps me to get my mind organized. And it's also the best thing you can take with you home from any trip!
Anyway. What I really was aiming for: I love to take pictures. And since I got a decent mobile phone this year(♥), things got even worse. I then discovered Instagram...good bye dear world without taking pictures every single day (ask people. I'm totally annoying with that. And I get those questions a lot: "Are you really taking a picture of your food (../feet's/meal/hand/place/....)"
Yep. I do!

However (I got carried away again) I have to do something with all my pictures. So for my last trip I made an Instagram Photo album/ diary. Here we go:

  • take as many pictures as you want
  • organize them (I used Picasa. Simple collages of 6 pictures per page)
  • make your diary/album
You'll need:
Printed photo pages, masking tape, sharpie marker, glue
The concept is quite easy:

  1. Assemble two pages by gluing them together back against back
  2. Apply masking tape to the "inner" side 
  3. Add to another pages "inner" side
  4. Turn page and repeat
After you did this with all your pages it should look like this:

Finish it with masking tape, applied to the back of your book.
With my sharpie I went through all the pages and added little quotes or memories I had. This way I'll remember events more clearly and it's also fun for friends, who look through your albums.
Enjoy ;)

...I'll probably end up doing this every Holiday from now on. I'll certainly do it for my 167-Days-In-Canada Photo challenge.

...or if you want: Use your pictures for a photo clutch or instagram bookmarks ;)


  1. Best idea ever! I'm doing it right away! (making collages, ordering the photos and then starting on Monday!!!) I love you <3

    1. Aw thank you! (and I saw your pin on pinterest! ♥) Love you too!!