Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

My Tuesday {Pick a day for hiking}

I know, I'm sort of random with my blog titles right now. But the title always turns out to be the most challenging part for me. Sounds weird, I know...
Things have been a bit messy lately but this too shall pass. So as long as it doesn't, I'm all for Oreo McFlurry's with hot Fudge sauce and a change of perspective.

Otherwise, things in general have slowed down a bit I have adjusted to general things quite well by now so it doesn't feel as confusing anymore as it might did in the beginning. 

My bus in the morning. School.And my paintball bruises have nearly disappeared!!
Since we're having a wonderful Indian summer, right now, every minute possible is spent outside...even if it means taking a bus again ;)

So Tuesday means: A trip to Deep Cove

Bus (for faaar to long...), buying the best donuts in the world so there's something to look forward too...not just hiking ;)
Let's start..somewhere down in the woods. Doesn't it look just beautiful?!
Well, they do look like some motivated hikers, don't they!? :)
-"What are you doing..?" -"Showing you the way!" 
And we so did arrive at the top! (Someone has too much energy left...!!)
View ♥
Donut break ;)
And so just we can make sure I really was there as well ;) Walking, resting (high high in the sky...) and walking again :)
Sorry for the picture quality. I didn't bring my camera this time so we had to work with my phone. I wish you all a wonderful day :)

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