Dienstag, 4. September 2012

My Saturday II {Water, Waves and Waterfalls}

The second part of our Saturday happened spontaneously when we got a phone call while on our way back from the Berry picking. Their friends asked if we had time to join them for the afternoon. Since most of it was in Tagalo (the Filipino main dialect. Did I write it right...?) I did not really understand much of it but any activity and I'll join ;)
So back home, packing food and important things and off we were again.
(Warning: Photo overload ahead)

Something Chinese/Filipino...but yum! Food on our way...
Decisions, decisions...good that they invented GPS :D
We arrived at a little park nestled in between the mountains and the sea. I just love everything about Canada's nature...

Left side...
And, of course, the food!

I went out for some exploring on my own afterwards. I just love the feeling of sun and wind on my skin mixed with the smell of salt from the sea.

Sketching and writing...

Jep, I was there as well...just making sure I have some proof ;)
...more sketching
We spent our afternoon there. Eating, walking, thinking, writing, sketching...and surprisingly: dancing!

...though there aren't any pictures of me dancing...luckily...but I sure did!
At the end we headed to Shannon falls. More wood and water.

Someone's really motivated to go up the hill ;)
Woods here are different to the ones I'm used to from home. Everything is bigger. And above all: greener! It makes you feel so small. But I think it's a nice way to remind myself on how nature is not something we can control or what we own. It's something we're allowed to live in.

Ominous shade
Shannon falls
Because I keep on telling how big everything is. See the little red dot? That's a man...so you have a comparison and start believing me that everything is HUGE!
New Place!? Photo of my feet's!!
Big and green!
We headed back home late and I skipped dinner and just went to bed...makes for an exhausting but fun day.

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