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DIY: Clothespins-bag

Our next door neighbours have this funny clothesline. When I first arrived I had this though about my dreams when I was a kid in which you would use such a line to carry little notes from one window to another (or chocolate, or toys, or little feathers found somewhere in the woods). As a kid I always wanted to have such a thing. But a) there was no window I could have sent mails to and b) I wouldn't have been able to built one...I guess....
Anyway. Looking at the clothesline made me think of a recent DIY I did for my mum and since it was really easy (I didn't think it would be that easy actually) and fun to do and practical I thought I might just share it with you as well ;)

Here we go!
Make your own clothespins-bag

You'll need:
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • coathanger
  • something to sew
I used our old clothepin-bag as a template (The actual hanger-thing was broken) and made a sketch on how I thought it would work.

Looks logical, doesn't it?!
So, you have to cut:
One big front-and-bag-piece (Stoff 2) and one small front-piece (Stoff 1). The size will depend on the size of your coathanger.
    Start with seaming both ends of both fabrics.

Then, assemble both pieces (picture one). Only sew about one quarter of the line at both ends (see arrows).
Fold your (no one) piece half, right sides together, and sew at both sides up to the top. Leave the top open (see arrows).
Cut, turn inside out and add your coathanger. And you're done :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

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