Montag, 3. September 2012

My Saturday part I {Something blue, something red and something sweet}

Can you guess?
Maybe this will help:

No? Well this will certainly do the job:
Happy Berry Pickers :)

Blueberry and Strawberry picking with my host family :)
When they first told me about it I had those tiny bushes in my had which we used to find in the woods at my grandpas. You would pick tiny tiny blueberries and it would take for hours...and you'd be blue afterwards ;) (It was still a lot of fun though!!)
So I was positively surprised when I discovered that blueberries are different here :D
Big and blue and juicy and sweet ♥
The obvious thing to do when you are at a new place...take a photo of your feet's ;)
I somehow doubted the bucket would get any berries at all since I was just eating them all time but it worked out all right
Taking pictures
and there were other blue things for sure...

Question: Can you eat too many fruits?
Answer: You certainly can!!!

After about an hour or so, I was so full of them I couldn't even go on with my picking (unbelievable, isn't it!?) but there were still strawberries to go for ;)

The containers do look nice in all those colours, don't they?!
Blue, red, blue, red...
...but definitely more red :)
Picture by Ernesto :)
At the end I had 4 1/2 pounds blueberries and 2 pounds strawberries for 7$! An old Indian man was in charge of the payment. He wore a bright orange turban and did everything with as less talking as possible. It was this orange turban that got stuck in my head and now he's part of the story. Anyway. So much to my Saturday morning. More of my afternoon tomorrow :)


  1. aaaah! Lecka!!! Ich hab im Juni bei Michas Familie Erdbeeren gepflückt (auch auf so nem Feld) Oo und es waren die besten (und günstigsten), die ich je gegessen habe!!!XD

    1. soooooo true!! Und die sind irgendwie viel besser als alle die man kaufen kann oder!?