Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Photo of the day {yesterday}

Day 38: At Colleen's after boot camp classes
Since we feel like every day could be the last nice one (before it starts to be cold, dark and depressing...oh I forgot the rain...) we spent every minute we can outside. So hiking and parks to a maximum. (So just that you know what's happening)

And I dropped a bowl today at my host families house...I feel bad now...

And: One of my friends had a bear in his backyard yesterday!!!!!
(So just that you know: Jep! We so do have bears here!!!)


  1. I have two little tigresses in my backyard.
    Does that count too?
    Kisses from Hilde

    1. well I would say yes...but on the other hand...I mean it's a bear, right?! :P