Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Our Postman

Just a short side-post.
We have a super friendly postman (The one who brings the parcels).
Somehow he has to appear twice or three times a week (ask my mum why he has to do that! I'm not getting any post at all) and it's alway the same one.

I think he knows me by now.
Today he made a comment on my socks. Just like last time I slipped out the door with socks (sometimes I wear shoes at home. Normaly not)
"Always just socks. You don't wear shoes do you?"
He said it with a smile.
(Though maybe it's easier to remember my socks because they are pretty much all the time bright neon ones. I've got them in yellow, pink, orange, green, blue...always neon!)

Nothing of importance but I'm happy for mine our friendly smiling postman. It happens so often that people I smile at me just look back weird.
And I think happiness and being friendly should be noticed.

So here you go. The story of our postman:)

Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Art and coincidence

Due to the reason that my life is quite unexciting right now because it only consists of school, I thought I'd share a bit right out of all this stuff. And because no one is interested in math or german (photos would be boring!) I decided I'd share some art related stuff.
It is my favourite subject after all ;)

So if you long for arty pictures: Here you go.

isn't this already like art?!

some of my "artwork" it's all about coincidence

at work :)

Now I have multicoloured hands.
Back to learning all about Biology. Test tomorrow...

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012


1.- I drank a lot of tea recently
2.- what I read while resting in my bed (while I was sick)
3.- my cat sneaks up at my watering pot. Strangely it's more fun than her own water bottle
4.- my self made art-timeline (in progress)
5.- chaos...I clean up every evening though (oh and you can see the next part of the book in picture 2)
6.- taking a rest...
7.- ...and observing my cat
8.- random: It's 19:27 o'clock
9.- my table. I can't say that I don't know what I should be working at

Enjoy your evening. I'm going to do some more Homework

Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Saturday morning

So here I am sitting with my window open (it's sort of something you could call least in comparison to our past temperatures) finishing my smoothie (I'll post some great smoothie recipes later. I've been drinking them once to twice each day for, what?...a week by now? I l-o-v-e  smoothies!) my cat is playing with the straw and I have a mountain full of work waiting for me.
I just realised it: three weeks! Three weeks and I'll be ready with my first written exam!!! Yeeks

(Straw was removed. sight)

So I'm just going to start to learn seriously. Seriously seriously.
(I also have to do the groceries, clean a little, send some mails...busy busy)

So just that you are up to date.
I also have some other great DIY's waiting, but they'll have to wait a bit longer.
(Oh: And i seriously have to do all my Canada-paper-work!!!!!!!)

And just because I don't like posts without pictures.
My cat accompanying me while I lay in bed

Hey little sweety. Would you mind having a look at me?

nahhh not really I see

or maybe you will???

I can totally understand that sleeping is faaaaar more interesting but...

I just love your eyes. Oh tank you :)
I took all this photos lying in bed and not moving an inch. I must have crane-arms or something!

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

DIY: retro-style-lamp

I'm sick. I felt funny yesterday and on Sunday but it hit me yesterday in the evening. So, to brighten up my day: Here is my retro-style-lamp

This is what it looks like:

You'll need this:

And this is how I did it:
I used a soap rack from IKEA which I got some time ago on one of my shopping trips. It just happened to fall into my big blue bag :) and I thought "Who knows what I'll use it for!?"
Turned out: I'd use it for my lamp.

Some of my badly drawn steps are already done in the picture above. Maybe that helps (On step 3 it is important to leave out one of the soap-rack-bars after each wire-swing you hang in! Also: My wire-swing-thingies had a different length (left-side/right-side) this helped later to thread in my wire, seen in step 4)

Unfortunately I did not make step-by-step photos. I didn't know myself what I was going to do and while I was doing it I was so absorbed I did not even think about photos (Well, I did. But I was too lazy to make any.)
So now you have to cope with some silly doodles, photos and your imagination. It really wasn't that hard!

Though I really like how it turned out.

Montag, 20. Februar 2012


Was sagt ihr zu meinem neuen Röhrenschal?

Also ich mag ihn :)
Es gab zwar eine kleine Schwierigkeit beim Nähen, als beim Umwenden dann plötzlich der Schal einen Loop in der Höhe und nicht in der Weite hatte (ist das verständlich? Wahrscheinlich nicht. Egal). Aber durch ein paar Zentimeter Verkürzung war der Schaden schnell wieder behoben.

Ansonsten war ich heute Morgen eine vorbildliche erwachsene Tochter und es gab leckeren breakfast cake. Sehr zu empfehlen!
Statt Blueberries tiefgefrorene Himbeeren (die hatten wir. Das andere nicht) Und auch ansonsten ein paar kleine Änderungen, so dass meine Mama mit ihrer Milcheiweiß- und weißer Zucker-Diät mitessen konnte.

Schönen Montag Morgen wünsche ich

Und wie immer überall dabei. Auch beim Frühstücken ♥

Realisation of the day: It is so not about the outside but about the inside. Everyone knows it. But It's like this little enlightenment if you really realize it.

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Chocolaty Goodness

Well. Doesn't this look yummy!?

I already posted a sneak peek before. But now I made the cake again and this time remembered to post it.
I l-o-v-e this cake. It's moist, sweet but not to sweet, chocolaty, easy and fast to make and everything else an awesome cake has to be. I found the recipe here but made a few changes after my first attempt.

First of all I just made half of the cake-butter amount. It's really rich! (Also the frosting amount cooperated better with less batter)

The other thing: I separated the eggs and added the (now beaten) egg white at the end. I think it just made the cake a little bit fluffier ;)

(I also did not have any baking soda so I just went with baking powder. Worked as well)

For the frosting I used a simple cream cheese frosting recipe
30g butter, softened
80g cream cheese, softened
1 1/2 cups (240g) icing sugar

beat butter and cream cheese.
Add the icing sugar slowly.
Ready :)

(out of my  Australian Women's Weekly (easy Cupcakes by colour) )

Tip for separating the two halves of your cake:
slightly cut around the cake (were you want it to be cut later)
Use a nylon thread. Place it around the cake in the area cut before. Cross over when the two ends are meeting and pull slowly.
The nylon thread will perfectly separate your two halves. Level and even.

And just because I love it:

Bonne apétit! :)

Und noch ein tiefgründiges Update:
Während ich gerade so durch die Blogger-Welt spaziert bin. mich vor meinen Hausuafgaben gedrückt habe, kam mir der Gedanke wie viele wundervolle, begabte, kreative Menschen in dieser Welt rumlaufen. Und das meistens ohne das man es bemerkt.
Aber taucht man *schwups* in die Blogger-Welt kann man durch wahre Gärten der Kreativität laufen. Ich trau mich schon gar nicht mehr meine Lieblings-Blog-Liste zu erweitern aus Angst das sie nie wieder aufhören wird.

So viel Tiefgründiges also zum heutigen Samstag.

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Last Weekend

The Girl from Saturday is one of my closest friends. Isn't it cool to have friends who take you to a professional shoot?
(Story for my Saturday pictures: I took my camera with my (I even took an extra big bag so the camera would fit in!) and reminded myself several times to take my SD-Card out of the computer...the moment I took the camera out of the bag I knew I had forgotten to take my SD-Card with me. What use is a camera without a Card?...hate myself for that)

For my Thursday picture:  I especially love this one:
It's my fathers and my bag standing in the waiting area of the doctor we went. It just perfectly resembles who we are. Different but with some consonances as well. I love him.

P.S.: Some DIY-post are on the way. Stay tuned ;) 

P.P.S.: Check out my friends blog. There are some awesome vegetable-things going on!!!

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012


I love Diaries.
Well  those who are planned for holidays or special occasions. I do have a normal diary but it is not really continuously.

Anyway. I thought I share a nice DIY post for the best thing about holidays: Memories

I'm writing holiday/special occasion Diaries for over...ehm...4 years? I first did start with it when I was away from home for a longer time. It helped to cope with the situation back then.
Right now it has become my most beloved travel and holiday item.

The Best advice I can give is: I normal just pack any notebook I have on hand. I don't design it before. It all comes during the stay.
The Doily  is from a cafe we went
A button from the museum and a scribble I did with some museum tools
I made the crane trying to impress my brother when we were at the hotel
I think you get the idea. I just love how individual every cover turns out and stands for the place you've been itself :)

And after all. It's not just about how it appears but what's on the inside. Mine normally look like this but anything would do. (You see: I put ways too much stuff inside...)

Scribbling, painting, drawing, glue even cut. It's about keeping the moment and the memory. So everything connected to that will be fine :)

And just for some more inspirations:
Those were out of my last trip: Egypt

 Well it's not really a DIY but I thought it would be nice to share it for some inspiration for your next trip :)
Wonderful Tuesday to everyone

(Oh right, my every days life: it consists of learning and actions to avoid learning. So not much is going on right now)

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

12 von 12 (Februar)

Der Blick aus dem Fenster beim Aufstehen. Irgednwie fehlt der Schnee
Noch sind nicht alle wach :)

Was heute (am Wochenende) alles hätte getan werden müssen noch getan werden soll

Lecker Smoothie zum Frühstück. Rezept von hier

Und jetzt wird gelernt (Deutsch)
zwischendurch eine wohlverdiente Pause
weiter lernen (Englisch)
die Mama holt einen zum Spaziergang raus. Auf unserem Spazierweg ist wegen der Kälte der ganze Weg in der Mitte "gebrochen"

Zimmer aufräumen. Saugen. Bett machen. Und wie bei allem anderen mit freundlicher Unterstützung :)
Zum Abendessen gibts Sauerbraten. Mhhhhhh

Und weiter lernen (Englisch fertig machen. Informatik)

 Soooo. Wieder 12 von 12
Nichts spektakuläres Heute aber dafür der Sonntag eines ich-habe-in-5-Wochen-Abitur-Stress Persönchens ;)
Schönen abend noch an alle

Total vergessen: Hier der Link zu allen anderen!