Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Last Weekend

The Girl from Saturday is one of my closest friends. Isn't it cool to have friends who take you to a professional shoot?
(Story for my Saturday pictures: I took my camera with my (I even took an extra big bag so the camera would fit in!) and reminded myself several times to take my SD-Card out of the computer...the moment I took the camera out of the bag I knew I had forgotten to take my SD-Card with me. What use is a camera without a Card?...hate myself for that)

For my Thursday picture:  I especially love this one:
It's my fathers and my bag standing in the waiting area of the doctor we went. It just perfectly resembles who we are. Different but with some consonances as well. I love him.

P.S.: Some DIY-post are on the way. Stay tuned ;) 

P.P.S.: Check out my friends blog. There are some awesome vegetable-things going on!!!

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