Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Saturday morning

So here I am sitting with my window open (it's sort of something you could call least in comparison to our past temperatures) finishing my smoothie (I'll post some great smoothie recipes later. I've been drinking them once to twice each day for, what?...a week by now? I l-o-v-e  smoothies!) my cat is playing with the straw and I have a mountain full of work waiting for me.
I just realised it: three weeks! Three weeks and I'll be ready with my first written exam!!! Yeeks

(Straw was removed. sight)

So I'm just going to start to learn seriously. Seriously seriously.
(I also have to do the groceries, clean a little, send some mails...busy busy)

So just that you are up to date.
I also have some other great DIY's waiting, but they'll have to wait a bit longer.
(Oh: And i seriously have to do all my Canada-paper-work!!!!!!!)

And just because I don't like posts without pictures.
My cat accompanying me while I lay in bed

Hey little sweety. Would you mind having a look at me?

nahhh not really I see

or maybe you will???

I can totally understand that sleeping is faaaaar more interesting but...

I just love your eyes. Oh tank you :)
I took all this photos lying in bed and not moving an inch. I must have crane-arms or something!

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