Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012


I love Diaries.
Well  those who are planned for holidays or special occasions. I do have a normal diary but it is not really continuously.

Anyway. I thought I share a nice DIY post for the best thing about holidays: Memories

I'm writing holiday/special occasion Diaries for over...ehm...4 years? I first did start with it when I was away from home for a longer time. It helped to cope with the situation back then.
Right now it has become my most beloved travel and holiday item.

The Best advice I can give is: I normal just pack any notebook I have on hand. I don't design it before. It all comes during the stay.
The Doily  is from a cafe we went
A button from the museum and a scribble I did with some museum tools
I made the crane trying to impress my brother when we were at the hotel
I think you get the idea. I just love how individual every cover turns out and stands for the place you've been itself :)

And after all. It's not just about how it appears but what's on the inside. Mine normally look like this but anything would do. (You see: I put ways too much stuff inside...)

Scribbling, painting, drawing, glue even cut. It's about keeping the moment and the memory. So everything connected to that will be fine :)

And just for some more inspirations:
Those were out of my last trip: Egypt

 Well it's not really a DIY but I thought it would be nice to share it for some inspiration for your next trip :)
Wonderful Tuesday to everyone

(Oh right, my every days life: it consists of learning and actions to avoid learning. So not much is going on right now)


  1. haha, ich bekomme mein aktuelles Tagebuch auch nicht mehr zu vor lauter Zeug!!! XD Es ist so vollgestopft! ob wohl ein Ringbuch besser wäre? Klebebindungen lassen ja noch weniger Freiraum...

    Liebste Grüße, Hanna

    1. Ringbidung hab ich auch schon getestet -.- ein bisschen besser aber irgendwann hat sich das Cover angefangen zu wölben weil ichs immer probiert hab zuzuquetschen :D