Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Holidays/ Egypt

I'm back again. This year, Christmas was celebrated with the whole family (means my parents, their partners and all the kids (including me: 6) persons: 10!)

I never ever had so many presents under one tree before. And a few parcels were still waiting for me at home!

However the rest of my holidays were spent in Egypt. It was awesome. Interesting. New. Confusing. 
I love the atmosphere, the nature the cities. 
On the other side it was rather hard for me to get in contact with the people living there. I don't know if it was for the fact that I'm a young European woman. Maybe it's just that those two cultures don't mix that well. 
But apart of me being slightly nervous and shy (and a little bit annoyed by the constant requests for baksheesh) It was an awesome experience. 

This was a shot out of a shop were my brother bought himself some light shoes (his were to warm)

One of my favourites. It is shot at the market street

Bicycles were everywhere

At our hotel. A pavilion located at the Nil. I loved it

Clouds over the Nil

The view out of the taxi. A Banana field

I can not really give descriptions for all my photos. The atmosphere is unique and I treasure that I had the opportunity to get to know Egypt. 
It was different to all my trips before but even if it was so different and even if it was hard for me to cope with situations sometimes I am glad that my dad gave me exactly this opportunity to realise what differences do exist in our world and be thankful for my possibilities in life as well as to think more of others.
(It's hard to describe my feeling in proper words. I hope it's not to philosophical and more understandable)

School will start on Monday. Only five months left. It also feels weird to realise that my life, as it is known to me, will change so much. It is for me to make decisions. To decide were my way will lead me.
(and I'm just going to stop here because it's really getting to philosophical. But life is just...different at the moment)

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