Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Photo ABC

I did a Photo ABC with my smaller ones while having an especially long stay and three kids who wanted to be entertained. The idea is not new. But I liked it. And I was surprised with what they came up.

N - Neck
T - Tongue
L - Leek 
C - Camera
R - Racing Car

I also think they choose some really cool angles.

This is the majority of my time.
- the youngest showing his piano skills (he's pretty good!)
- pretending to be a spy, fighting to reach secret targets. 
On a side note: This action was awesome. Can you see the sellotape? Well, the whole room was covered in it. We taped it to the ceiling, floors, doors, cupboards, beds...everywhere. Idea: Try to pass our Laser-Field :)
- cute little feet's
- this is my self made Lego-sewing machine.You have to be jealous!
- Charly
- Lego Body parts. Neatly arranged.
- Isn't this small Lego guy awesome. I put the other figure there just to give a comparison. It's normal seized!

My cat is sitting sleeping on my lap. Peaceful place it is.

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