Montag, 16. Januar 2012

maybe Monday

Wow. Those blog statistics showed an awesome increase of readers after I posted my "12 von 12". It's weird to see that actually someone came along to have a look. Not that I wouldn't like it. I love it :)

Anyway. Back to some other stuff.
As you can see my post does not really have a real topic again. I could also call it awesome weekend. Whatever.
My weekend was awesome. I went shopping with my mum and spend ways to much money. I went to see my "kids" (the ones I'm looking after from time to time). And I love it. I love to play, romp, cuddle, read stories and listen to their stories. 
I don't know if they like it to make a blog-appearance so I'll just show photos of me after the kids (one kid this time) went to bed.

physical help with my homework
finishing my Egypt Diary 
That was Saturday so far. I also discovered a new book worth reading. Actually I spent the whole evening reading it. until 1 am when their parents returned.

We went to see the Phantom of the Opera on Sunday. So it was a cool weekend. 
And as a bonus: Our Christmas cake. I'll share the recipe later but I just had to post this picture. All I can tell: It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s :)

I hope you all had a nice start :)

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