Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Green Stuff

So after I reread my post from yesterday I decided that those random post are horrible. I'll try from now on to post with a real topic/theme :)

So my theme today is green stuff, little trees, flowers...well everything that grows and is declared as a plant.
I do not have a green thumb. The only thing my thumb does is turn something green and refreshing into something dry and brown. It is sad even more because my mom does know a lot about plans (as well as my grandpa!). So it's not as if I wouldn't have enough inspiration or information. It just does not work :(

So because I still love everything that is crisp and green, I came up with an idea this summer. It's still working and I love it. 

Directions for someone who kills plants unintended but still longs for their appearance:

- look out for plants you like
- take photos of them in "eye-level-sight" (or just a little bit above)
- print those photos any size (big is better) you want/need. You don't have to make pretty pictures (like with surrounding and background) It's all about the plant itself
- Cut out your plants (this is why you don't need your background)

Now you need a place were you can draw easily. I used the back of my rack. It's standing with its back to my bed. So I also had to cover/decorate an ugly surface.

From now on your creativity is asked. I choose the bench from our garden (picture as template) but any table, chair, bench, shelf etc. would do.
Apply it to your surface (I made a pencil "sketch" I like the fact that it blends in with its background but somehow still stands out. But again: Anything will work (for example: My first Idea was to print out the bench as well...I did not think of its size though))

At the end: glue your plants on it.
Tada: Those plants are not destructible. You don't have to water them. And best thing after all: 
They will look pretty the whole year :)

 My plants the way they looked before :)

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