Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Our Postman

Just a short side-post.
We have a super friendly postman (The one who brings the parcels).
Somehow he has to appear twice or three times a week (ask my mum why he has to do that! I'm not getting any post at all) and it's alway the same one.

I think he knows me by now.
Today he made a comment on my socks. Just like last time I slipped out the door with socks (sometimes I wear shoes at home. Normaly not)
"Always just socks. You don't wear shoes do you?"
He said it with a smile.
(Though maybe it's easier to remember my socks because they are pretty much all the time bright neon ones. I've got them in yellow, pink, orange, green, blue...always neon!)

Nothing of importance but I'm happy for mine our friendly smiling postman. It happens so often that people I smile at me just look back weird.
And I think happiness and being friendly should be noticed.

So here you go. The story of our postman:)

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