Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Jeans Makeover

This post is part of me being a little bit stubborn.
I was looking for jeans with "holes" for some times. Though I did not find any I liked. (Actually I hate shopping for jeans. They are either to big or not long enough)
One or two month ago I was looking for some craft supplies when I discovered a "Jeans for 10€" sign. I think it could do no harm to have a look. I did not find one with holes but one that actually met both requirements. It fit and it looked nice (and only 10€!)

Those 10€ were the reason why I came up with the stupid Idea to make my own holes.

They must have a special method making those "normal" holes. Mine looked good for exactly one day. After that, they started to become bigger, wider...and well, bigger.

I did not touch my jeans again and it lay in some corner of my room for the last two month. But it was a good one. As I just mentioned it's not easy to find this jeans-type. So I started thinking. How could I repair this jeans?

I had several ideas but they were overruled again and again. Until my last weekend.
I do love doilies. I love lace. I love white stuff with nice patterns. And I loved my jeans.
So I combined those two things. Et voila:

I pretty much just hand-stitched a smaller doily over the hole. (turn the jeans inside out. Stitch. Easy!)

I love it. Again :)
(And my shoes as well...)

Something different:
This was my purchase from last week.
Does this happen to you as well?
Once every year all my stuff (shampoo etc.) is emptied at the same time. Which means one big shopping trip.  
The hot glue gun was not on my beauty list but it was just time to buy my own one (Before, I used the one from my mum) One step towards independence :)
(Don't be confused by its size. It's a mini one!)

(P.S.: It's still -10°C. It just does not get warmer)

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