Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

The satisfaction of earth under your nails

Yep. Satisfaction.
I totally forgot how good it feels. For years!

Last time I played with mud (and can remember it) was when my parents did their afternoon nap. Our balcony door was open. We were bored. We had a ton full of water outside. And earth.
Quietly and quick we went outside.
We managed to transform half of our garden, the balcony and us in a pile of mud-soaked happiness in less than half an hour. Happiness until my parents waked up. End of the story.

I have to confess I wasn't so much into the hole garden stuff for the last couple of years. It's just not motivating if every single green thing dies that belongs to you (happened to me all the time).

Until last year. I bought a plant for little money at IKEA thinking, if it would die it wouldn't be that horrible.
However it survived. I even had to change its flowerpot because it became to big for the old one. Victory!

I went one collecting branches watching them bloom.
Before this becomes too sentimental. I moved on to love green.

One of my branches actually started having roots. Today I transferred it to the garden .

Earth under your nails

Hopefully it will grow into something big

I also made a little terrarium for myself. I've planned a big one for some time but just did not find the right glass yet. And because it was so beautiful outside (and my mind would not stay with math) I sneaked one of our drinking glasses out of the kitchen and made my way into our garden.

Tomorrow is my last writting exam. Back to studying.

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