Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Learning from life II

Warning: This post might not be totally rational. More honest. Ok. Totally emotional.
So you are warned.

Never. Ever. Buy a cactus, which looks harmless. Never. I did it. I spend 20 minutes removing itzy bitzy tiny needles (about 30!) from my fingers.
Never. Ever. Again.

Ok. I needed to say that.
I feel better now. I know that I'm feeble. Hey. I'm not used to have cactus needles in my fingers.

The reason for all of this was, that I actually found a large glass for my terrarium-project. Just like the before (and before that) I went into the garden and randomly picked greens and succulents. This time it turned out I had picked greens that actually grow up to 60cm.
I planned to remove them again but I just like them the way they are and maybe maybe they'll just stay the size they are? Maybe...? (I know it won't happen but anyway)
Before I decided to leave them I bought those cactus plant. Here we are.

Here we go. The bad guy:

and this is were it ended. I'm not fussy. Well...I didn't touch it again. I used wooden sticks...

So if you want a cactus: Look for the one with the big needles!

Ok. Visible is enough...

We'll look how tall they'll get
Some other stuff:
Our magnolia is blooming. I love it. And my cherry-tree-branch as well.

Now I have about four terraria (Is that right?) standing around. I think that's enough. At least for now.

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