Montag, 28. November 2011


I look after two cute boys from time to time. The last time I did so, I was thinking a lot about boys and girls.
When I was 6 or 7 and was asking my mum stuff about boys, she always said: "If a boy likes you, he annoys you". I always thought she was wrong. Totally. Since when did someone do something stupid to show that he liked someone else?!

Several years on I was sitting across from the younger one (6 years) and I was still thinking about boys and girls. So we had this little conversation:

I: Did you ever fall in love?
He: No
I: And your brother?
He: No. But his friend!
I: What was her name?
He: Zoe
I: And what happened?
He: He annoyed her.

Just like this. (He didn't even grin!)
I had to smile. Boys are awesome. And my mum was right.

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