Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

A roadtrip on saturday

One thing about being away from home is, that your realize what you are actually missing. One of those things, for a Friend and me, turned out to be driving a car. Well actually, I don't really mind driving or not, but just being in a car, driving, being able to stop, to take another route...I missed it. It's this thing about cars I think.

So since the last week was sort of a roller coaster, we decided that it was time for some change. Change as in: We went to rent a car.

For renting a car in Canada you have to be at least 21...which I'm not...but my friend is.
We met early at the Airport (btw: It's sort of weird to be at the airport but not using a plane...especially if your not at home...) and just went with the cheapest option available.
After some calls and some changes we were ready to go.

Doesn't this look a bit like San Francisco...?!
The weather was sunny with a cloudy/foggy tendency...which I love.

Further west...getting away from the city...
It's nice to leave everything behind for once. Listen to music, sing along (try to do it quite so it doesn't get my case :D) and take pictures...of course ;)

Haha...or from my feet, or my food, or...

Our first stop was after Shannon Falls (which we went to with my host family last time). They are already quite far away but I would definitely recommend them. So after we had some food, we went to see...well those other falls :)

I designed my own lunch box!
Water falls...and feet pictures

We were really lucky. The sun always just came out in time. After that we went away from the water and more into the mountains...

More music and more driving...

...through an awesome landscape. Did I ever mention that I love Canada!? If not: I really do love Canada!!
Our destination was Whistler. It is an apparently really famous place to go skiing and they had the Winter Olympics in 2010 up there. So everyone who comes to Vancouver eventually ends up at Whistler.
But before we went into town we had a few looks around the area (the advantages of having a car...)

First stop: Lost Lake...and some one's is definitely thrilled to have the car keys...

Guess who went on that boat-thing and jumped hysterically back when it became obvious that it was slowly going out on the lake...right that was me...
We walked around the lake...listening to scared squirrels and discovered that they actually have a special beach just for dogs and their owners (with specials ladders on the swimming platforms so it's easier for the dogs to go up there...)

-"I'm in Canada, from Switzerland, eating English Chocolate..." -"...and talking to a German girl in English...I know one could get confused" ;)
There was another lake. It was all filled up with golf balls...would be interesting to know how they got there...

"You should take a photo of our license plate as well...if you're taking pictures of everything know?!" -"Yes sir...missions accomplished!" So here you go with our license plate...
I actually got a picture of myself...not having to hold the camera myself in a weird angle...

And then we went to Whistler. For those of you who don't get to see whistler, it's a bit like Europapark. Everything is matching and seems somehow...wrong. Like: Everything was built to look like this cute mountain village but you can see that it was built at once, not developing like any other village would have. Though it was still really cute...oh and there's a lot of sport going on. Obviously.

If you were here you'd have to take a picture in front of that! Check!
And forest everywhere

We had lunch, walked around, ate some ice cream (the weather is never too bad for ice cream) and I just love how it was all quite up there. I'm not really comfortable to live in the city all the time (which I wouldn't have thought before) so it was nice to be able to come down again and just be...well out of city for once.
And we had a wonderful way back for sure.

Haha in this one, there were actually really ugly buildings on the right side...good thing about photography!? You can crop out reality :P
And a beautiful sunset on a blue sky with pink clouds....
I wish you all a wonderful MondayI'm going to start my day with that:


  1. vielen Dank für die ausführliche Dokumentation.. Das Video hätte ich gern gesehen, leider ist es in Deutschland gesperrt ...

    1. Der Song ist von Taylor Swift (we are never ever getting back together) evtl hast du ihn schon gehört oder du kannst ihn bei youtube suchen ;)